Hi. I’m Linesh Jose.

I like making nice things on the web.

I design and build websites, apps, plugins and themes. Also I occasionally write things on my blog.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

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New Technology Found In Kitchen Appliances

Remember the days when a kitchen used to be a traditional setting where there was no room for any technology? This is changing quickly, and the kitchen is heading towards becoming a technology hub. A key reason for this change is due to kitchen appliances undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Smart assistance features Newer appliances such as washers and dryers now come up with remote start and pause options. Modern refrigerators… Keep reading →

Business And Technology: Why Every Start-Up Should Embrace Tech Changes

Technology makes it possible for business leaders to manage certain aspects of their business with far less effort. Management that makes effective use of technology can obtain unique insight into trends and decisions that affect their business. Some of these insights would have been prohibitively expensive to pursue only a few years ago. Better Communications For example, with a relatively small investment, even a one-person company can take advantage of… Keep reading →

Past Technological History Provides Modern Technological Inspiration

Technology in its simplest form is a tool that helps people perform specific tasks. Today’s technology has taken that premise to the extreme. While inventing a new tool is fine, improving an already good one is even better. For instance, writing on a piece of paper with a pencil was adequate, but now you can write on a tablet with the new S Pen so that you can reap all… Keep reading →

Best Reasons Why White Box Testing should be rolled over the Black Box Testing

This write up is all about finding the best advantages of white box testing over the black box testing. Definitely a penetration testing services is a must for your software and your running applications in the organization, so you can have uninterrupted services to receive and to deliver the services But before understanding the difference and the advantages among the two, let us first know what these two kinds of… Keep reading →

My Projects


iBar is WordPress plugin that will easily transform your default Admin bar style into Mac OS X Menu bar like style,  designed for Mac and WordPress lovers.

Custom Adminbar Menus

This is a simple plugin for adding custom navigation menus to your WordPress Adminbar/Toolbar

Blue Admin

“To be honest, I am surprised there aren’t more WordPress skins on offer, but notwithstanding that, Blue Admin is a great offering.” – Tom Ewer (WPMU.org) Blue Admin a simple, clean and clear WordPress Admin Panel theme plugin.  This is a clean and clear design that makes your WordPress administration section more clear and relaxed. Features: Clean and clear design. Custom navigation menus to your WordPress Adminbar/Toolbar.(only compatible for WordPress 3.3 or above… Keep reading →


Lark is a simple and free HTML5, CSS3 WordPress theme with latest features of  WordPress. It’s a BarackObama.com website inspired theme.   Features: Free of cost Coded in HTML5 and CSS3 Simple and Fixed layout. 2 columns. Widget Ready. Fast loading structure Custom background. Custom Navigation Menu for Sidebar and Footer Custom Post formats (aside, image, video, status, gallery etc..) Pre-installed Twitter, Facebook, Google plus profile buttons and RSS button Pre-installed social bookmarking buttons(Facebook like,Twitter,Google +1, digg) Admin options… Keep reading →