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Best Reasons Why White Box Testing should be rolled over the Black Box Testing

This write up is all about finding the best advantages of white box testing over the black box testing. Definitely a penetration testing services is a must for your software and your running applications in the organization, so you can have uninterrupted services to receive and to deliver the services But before understanding the difference and the advantages among the two, let us first know what these two kinds of… Keep reading →

Weird Ideas for Start-ups Today

Over the years start-ups have been getting traction and making it big. Yet some of the ideas are not your ordinary kind and they seem to be working even when they lack trendy business names. Here are a couple of weird ideas for start-ups that have already been successful. If you have always wanted to know how to tap this is your big chance. Spitting rhymes and moving… Keep reading →

5 Types of Graphics That Work Best to Engage Your Audience On Instagram

Instagram is all about photos, graphics, and images. So, choosing the right graphics to post on your Instagram page is very important to get the best result from your marketing. Promoting your brand or product on Instagram needs to be done with good strategy. One such strategy is to choose the right type of graphic to post on your account. Many companies have successfully build their brand image on Instagram… Keep reading →

How to Improve Battery Life of Any Mobile Device

Despite their make or model battery issues continue to persist with smartphones. Devices and their associated apps might make us more productive and connect us with our family and friends on the go but they also cause our phones to frequently run out of power, especially when we need them the most. This does not only require us to frequently charge our phone but limits our freedom of usage in… Keep reading →

Understanding the Implementation of Colors in Web Design

When you are asked to remember about a person in a party that you have just attended, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The color of the dress, of course! It is a common human psychology. We always tend to remember the color of anything that leaves an appeal in our mind. Hence, the color of your website matters a lot. It is even a deciding… Keep reading →

Six Reasons Why Apple TV is not as Overrated as You Might Think

Apple TV has had mixed reviews after being released on the market, and some skeptics think it’s not as great as people claim. While many Apple products might seem “over-hyped,” customers continually choose Apple for electronics time after time. For those who are unsure of the true quality of Apple TV, there are a few reasons why it offers more than you may think. From more entertainment options to a… Keep reading →

Branding 101: Marketing & Managing Your New Application

If you can make the right moves at the right time, your Web application could be the way to a larger and appealing profit. However, in order to use your application to its fullest potential you need to have a game plan that strategically reaches your consumers where they are most likely to be. 91 percent of the world’s population has a smartphone, according to Pew Research. It’s safe to… Keep reading →

Hard Work at Home: Is Blogging a Viable Business?

Popular and successful bloggers have been receiving a lot of attention in the media recently, which has led to some wondering whether blogging could be a viable business idea for those looking for online home business opportunities. While it is definitely possible to make money from a blog, few bloggers actually make a lot of money from their posts, and the majority of individuals who run a blog do so… Keep reading →