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Is The Upgrade Worth It? What To Consider Before Getting A New Smart Phone

New mobile phones are hitting the market everyday and it can be tempting to rush out to purchase the latest and greatest whenever possible. Here are some things you should consider before settling on purchasing a new phone, and which type of phone you should pick: Upgrade Eligibility/Price Just because a new phone you want has been released doesn’t mean it’s the best time to purchase it. If you aren’t… Keep reading →

How High Tech Gadgets are Revolutionizing Professional Sports

Professional sports have changed substantially over the years as they’ve adapted to advances in technology. In the late 1940s, the Zamboni revolutionized professional hockey by drastically speeding up the process of preparing the ice rink. In the 1960s domed stadiums were invented and made it possible to play baseball, soccer, and football even in inclement weather. Technology is still changing pro sports today—here’s how. What Athletes Wear Athletic clothing has… Keep reading →

Time is Up: Why People are Already Over the Hype of Smartwatches

Wearable devices like the smartwatch are trending right now, but that might only be because of the novelty of having a smartwatch. It’s appealing for tech gadget gurus who want the newest and latest trend. The smartwatch allows the user to read text messages and emails right on the wrist. The wearer doesn’t have to dig for the phone. It effectively screens calls, and apps can be downloaded to the… Keep reading →

How to find an experienced SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of any business venture or organization. It is nothing but the technique to optimize your website and web URL in such a way that it is visible to any individual who is looking up on the World Wide Web to find a product or a service that you / your business / your company can cater to. This is where the Search… Keep reading →

Kickstarter’s Breach and the Dark Side of Crowdsourcing

In February 2014, pioneering crowd funding platform Kickstarter was hacked. Data about millions of account-holders was vulnerable, though no unencrypted passwords were taken. The power of crowdsourcing is also its greatest danger. By creating a virtual space where millions of people interact, share ideas, and often contribute money, crowdsourcing also creates an irresistible target for hackers and other entities with ill intent. This doesn’t mean that crowdsourcing is inherently bad… Keep reading →

How an IT Technician Can Support Small Businesses?

Ranging from financial services to a customer-relationship management company, we find the presence of SMEs in every sphere of business today. Not all SMBs are adept with technology and often lack the resources to fix computing devices (Network router, laptop etc.). In order to safeguard their business from cyber threats, they must think seriously of availing the services of expert IT Support companies or least hire an IT technician, who… Keep reading →

Choosing A Rewarding Career: Degrees That Are In High Demand For 2014

If you are unsure what area of study you want to pursue, you should note that there are a variety of highly sought after degrees that you can obtain. By reviewing the list below, you can see the benefits of these degrees that are in high demand for 2014 that will provide many rewarding careers: Accounting Accounting is a degree that will be in demand in 2014 for several reasons…. Keep reading →

Technology That Can Make Your Business Stronger

With current shifts in the global economy creating an increasingly competitive market, making your company stronger through enhancing its infrastructure and integrating new technologies is a very wise practice. The technological revolution has presented businesses with extremely powerful tools to help strengthen their position in the marketplace as well as increase customer engagement. Mobile Optimization The advancement of smartphone technology has completely revolutionized the way users experience the internet. According… Keep reading →