The Scope of C++ Institute for Tech Geeks in 2014

The C++ Institute and its aim The C++ Institute with the collaboration of Pearson VUE is providing a very strong basis of learning for the two main important programming languages i.e. the C programming language and the C++ programing language. Both these programming languages are immensely popular among the big enterprise networks and they are also extensively utilized in different projects of different nature. The C++ Institute only focuses on… Keep reading →

How To: Display Twitter Followers List On Your Blog

Almost a year ago I’ve shared a simple script to display your Twitter followers count in your blog or website. But how to display followers list?. Have you ever tried? Today I’d like to share another simple php script to display your Twitter followers. This code is very simple. I think, it’ll be very helpful for you. Let’s get started Step 1: Grab Followers List The following php function grabs… Keep reading →

How to: Change WordPress Visual Editor icons

Websites are nothing without content. With that in mind, WordPress Visual Editor helps you edit your content easily. Actually, I really don’t use the visual editor but I like it. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how to change WordPress Visual Editor icons. Let’s check it out. Step #1: Create an icon sprite image Firstly, we have to create our own icon sprite image file. By default, WordPress… Keep reading →

How to: Create a stopwatch using CSS3 without Javascript

Have you ever tried to create awesome/different things with CSS?. Try this one. Here I’d like to share an awesome tutorial focuses on step based CSS3 keyframe animation, along with the usage of the animation-play-state property to start/stop/reset the stopwatch. This great CSS script developed by Ruby On Tails. According to developer, no images or JavaScript are used in the stopwatch logic/display. The only image used is the background wood… Keep reading →

How to: Add a Copyright Notice to Copied Text

Some of you may noticed a copyright info and a reference link to the source, at the bottom of a copied text content from this site. Yea it’s copy protected!. I get a lot of mails asking about this magic. So I’d like to reveal the secretes behind this magic. This is not a big magic thing. I just simply running a JavaScript function for this magic. This function grab… Keep reading →

How To: Create a Simple CSS Compressor using PHP

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. If you’re developing a very complex design for your site, CSS scripts become very long, and takes too much time to load. But a compressed CSS script can help your website load faster and easily maintain its functionality. Here, I’ve created a very simple CSS compressor using PHP to… Keep reading →

How to: Display Facebook Page Fans count on your blog/website

Do you have Facebook page for your business? Did you ever tried to display your Facebook fans count on your blog/website? Some developers, using heavy plugins to display their Facebook fans count on their website. I really don’t like to install those heavy plugins to do little things like this. So decide to create a simple script for display the fans count. Yeah, its’s done. This code is very simple…. Keep reading →

How to Change the Default Language in WordPress

WordPress is very popular blogging or content managing platform. The main goal of WordPress is, one can easily customize its features. The other most powerful feature is it’s ability to allow users to write or manage content in their own language. If you have been using WordPress for awhile and you would like to change the language for your admin dashboard, here a few easy steps: Step 1: Download the… Keep reading →

How to: Add Voice Search to Your Blog

You may have noticed a “mic” symbol in the search box on Google.com. If you click the mic and speak, what you said will come in the box and you can search that. It makes the searching process easier. What is this thing?. Few months ago, Google added a new feature to their search engine known as Voice Search. By this feature, you can now search Google by saying your… Keep reading →