Fashion is an ever-changing industry. However, even the most loyal fashionista will tell you that there are such items that are always trendy. You probably already have them in your closet without realising this, or if not, you should certainly invest in them.

This fact will save you money and effort with a guarantee that you’ll always look your best. This is especially important for those fashionably sensitive but who don’t like to spend a lot of time going through their wardrobe. So, when buying new clothes, here are 10 men’s fashion items to have in mind that will always be in style.

White dress shirt

10 Fashion Items That Will Always Be in Style 1
As a classic, the white dress shirt is something that every gentleman should have in their closet, no matter the personal style.  Choose the fabric which will last, like herringbone twill, so you don’t have to go searching for the right one soon. Additionally, go for the medium spread collar so you can pair this shirt with other pieces and occasions, and also it will look great on any face shape.

Navy blazer

Navy blazers are a nice way to look great even in the most casual events. Choose a piece which is nicely tailored to follow your body line or a one more relaxed in the form. These two types are known in the fashion world as structured and unstructured blazers, respectively. Let it be slimmed at the waist and with minimal details, so you can easily use it for any occasion.

Oxford lace-ups

Granted, these are shoes, but you can’t talk about fashion and not include them. For instance, Oxford lace-ups made of leather are classic and you can pair them with any type of trousers. There are several variants of the design, so choose the ones which are the closest to your taste. From black ones with smooth service to hues that will match your wardrobe, you will certainly feel better knowing that you have a pair of oxford lace-ups.


Diamonds are the girls best friend but also the boys?
Nice piece of jewelry will always be in style. Depending on your wardrobe the details will either pop and make your plain black dress a perfect canvas for the prime jewel or blend in with the outfit and give it a fuller look. For the boys cufflinks are always in. Don’t overdo it, small silver and jet black cufflinks are the classy way to go. They will never go out of fashion and are a perfect wedding present for the groom.


10 Fashion Items That Will Always Be in Style 2
Ever since jeans appeared on the fashion scene, they never went away. This type of trousers is something to have even if you are not a big fan. You can match them with anything and with today’s styles you can choose from various cuts. Just pay attention to the type of denim, as well as the colour. Darker jeans are good for even formal occasions, while light ones are more limited to casual ones.


Classic chinos are a perfect example of cotton pants that are great for all occasions. There is a myriad of colours and cuts to choose from today, and you can even pair them with sneakers. Add some shirt to the outfit with a navy blazer or sweater and you’re good to go. But don’t worry, they look even great paired up with a simple t-shirt.


Nicely tailored suits are irreplaceable pieces of wardrobe. If you choose the classiest of them all – a black one, then you are good to go to several formal events like weddings or job interviews. Suits always leave a good impression and today’s styles even allow you to be more relaxed when wearing them. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. likes to pair them up with a pair of snickers, but he still looks suave and fashionable.

White sneakers

Never underestimate the power of sneakers, not even if you’re one of those who believes they’re only appropriate for sports. A pair of nice, white sneakers without any details or brand name will be great for all occasions even if you wear them with a blazer and a tie.


If you want to own a sweater, rather choose the one with a V-neck since it will allow you to wear shirts and ties underneath. This piece of clothes is good to go paired up with a jacket, jeans or chinos. Invest a little more money in the high-quality sweater like the one made of wool, or if you can afford it cashmere.


If you are not a necktie person, then owning a simple black one will be enough. However, for those who like to wear them, choose the most classic ones among them, like solid ones. This will allow you to wear them for formal and casual events, and you can easily adjust the knot to fit your style.

In the end

These are fashion items that never come out of style and are perfect for any men, even the ones who don’t usually wear them. They will save you the troubles of shopping and try to fit your clothes to the occasion, and the best thing – they’re forever. At least when it comes to their place in the fashion world.