Building a website is easy and cheap, but to get actual benefits from the website is a tough job. In order to make the website really useful, it has to have a strong web presence and must have a high, ever-increasing audience. Here are a few hacks that will help.

1. Google Trends – This tool tells the user all about the public search trend. This helps in finding the most popular topics that are being searched on the Internet and allows the user to identify hot topics that can be used to generate high-quality contents.

2. Keyword Planner – Keyword planner provides an in-depth knowledge of all the various types of keywords that are being searched based on the genre and target location. It provides information about the search volume and competition. Most people concentrate on the highly searched keywords with low competition. While selecting, it is important to identify the main keyword and the secondary keywords. The main keyword should always occur in the title and within first 55 characters of the content. Secondary keywords need to be used within the content as well.

3. Google itself is a great tool to find relevant keywords. At the bottom of the search page, Google provides a list of related search keywords. This list can be used to find highly used keywords.

4. Create a blog or article that will be beneficial to the mass and public in the blog section of the website. The topic can be easily chosen after going through the Google Trends result. The main point to remember is that the content must be of high quality, informative and engaging.

5. Influential bloggers can be contacted over the mail. Places like Ahrefs.com and BuzzSumo.com to get contact information of such bloggers. The aim is to convince them to get your article shared on their blog site which provides a quality backlink, authenticity and better traffic to your site. However, sharing on social media platforms is not a good backlink. Once your site becomes a high authority, this can turn into barter deal with the blogger also getting benefitted through mutual sharing.

6. Get your article published and shared by media as well. Use platforms like www.helpareporter.com, also known as HARO.

7. Use the option of guest posting and guest blogging that various websites provide. Find untapped sources and use their potential to get higher traffic and more backlinks. There are many upcoming blog sites that are getting high popularity.

8. Use videos whenever possible. Video marketing is an extraordinary concept. Videos have higher impact and better result in terms of marketing.

9. Google+ might not be at the top of the list of social media networks, but it certainly helps rank a site higher. Linking the site to Google+ page is a great idea.

10. Use infographic for marketing. It is almost as effective as videos and also helps in achieving a higher rank. But, the name of the file uploaded to the website should be meaningful so that the search engine gets to understand it while crawling.

Growth Hacking Marketing is all about innovating marketing ideas. There are no fixed guidelines. At the end, getting best result from Google Analytics is the objective and being innovative is the key.