Even though we’re in the middle of winter, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about your garden. After all, it might be too early to plant, but it’s never too early to plan! Having a healthy garden depends a lot on getting things done at the right time – things like planting, fertilizing and weeding. And no matter how experienced a gardener you might be, it seems there’s always more that you can learn. To that end, here’s a list of some of the best gardening apps that will help you get the prettiest roses and the reddest tomatoes in your own garden:

  1. Landscaper’s Companion

    Landscaper’s Companion is the consummate gardener’s app, recommended for the home gardener and the professional landscaper alike. It functions as an encyclopedia with information on over 15000 plants – with more than 13000 pictures to boot. Price: $5.99

  2. Fruit Garden

    Fruit Garden app is another that’s for the novice or more experienced gardener. It contains information on preparing the soil, tips on growing and harvesting and what varieties are best. The app is quick and easy to use. While the harvesting schedule it supplies is for the UK region, the rest of the information is invaluable. Price: $1.99

  3. iGarden USA

    iGarden is a wiki of harvest schedules for a variety of fruits and vegetables, based on your climate zone. Select a plant and you get information on planting, harvesting and more. Price: $4.99

  4. Bugs and Insects

    Bugs and Insects app has a database of more than 900 bugs, including those both beneficial and detrimental to the garden. Find out about butterflies, ants and more – plus learn to recognize common garden pests. Price: $0.99

  5. Botany Buddy

    A somewhat pricey app, Botany Buddy bills itself as the “ultímate” guide to trees and shrubs. This app features over 2000 species – including tropicals and succulents. You can also count on lots of great full color pictures of fruit, flowers and more. Price: $9.99

  6. Botanical Interests

    Botanical Interests app not only covers a wide range of garden vegetables and herbs, it looks absolutely beautiful while doing so. It has helpful information on planting and harvesting that will have you coming back frequently for the data you need. Price: $5.99

  7. Herbs+

    Herbs+ is a very helpful app, offers information and images on all the herbs that are so popular in the garden and kitchen. Not only garden tips, you’ll also get the scoop on using herbs for cooking and for medicinal purposes. Price: $1.99

  8. Garden Pilot

    Garden Pilot is recently updated to contain information on more than 15,000 plants (and lowered their price on top of that!). The Pilot gives you a ton of information on everything from fertilizers, diseases, organic and green gardening tips – and includes lists of plants available from local participating nurseries. Price: $0.99

  9. Gardens

    Gardens is the app that proves you don’t need a large space to have a beautiful garden, this app is for those who have smaller areas to work with. This app uses the video playing abilities of your iPhone or iPad to inspire you to create a colorful garden in a limited space. Price: $5.99

  10. The Plant Doctor

    With this helpful The Plant Doctor app, you’ll never kill another house plant! Keeping your plants healthy through long winters indoors can be frustrating. Lack of sunlight and humidity can be plant killers! Let the Plant Doctor help you diagnose problems with your plants and keep them healthy. Price: FREE