There are millions of blog sites out there, but only a few notable and successful ones. There’s a certain quality inherent in a successful blog, which makes it stand out from the others. This is the ingredient which appeals to the audience – it can be quality and useful content, blogger interaction, etc.

  1. Quality Of Writing: The quality of your writing is, in all probability, the most important ingredient of a blog post. Your writing must be able to inspire, motivate, enthuse, enervate and make the reader want to bookmark and share your post. You don’t have to be a great writer to achieve this. Avoid big words, keep your sentences simple and neat, and avoid long sentences.

  2. Original Content: Original content is content that you have authored personally. If your content is a replication of someone else’s effort, it’s not original. Your content can remain original only if it reflects your thought process and unique perspective.

  3. Unique Tone Of Voice: When you write with your own voice, the content has a significant appeal. There are content spinner tools that can put together stuff with a few well-placed keywords, but that’s not unique. Write in the voice that you use to speak – keep your writing fresh, friendly, person to person and uncomplicated.

  4. Grammar And Spelling: Remember, regular readers don’t like profanity, lack of punctuation, random sentences, bad grammar and bad writing. If you want to build an audience, have a care for the quality of English. You won’t attract a quality audience if your content is full of the most basic errors. Plus, clean content will rank you high on Google as well!

  5. Good Formatting And Readability: Do you like reading something that takes much effort and time? If you want to read something to break up a busy day, would you pick up a scientific thesis or a short story? Imagine your readers checking out your content when they have a break. Do you think they will appreciate huge blocks of unbroken text, no headers and bad formatting?

  6. Credible Information: Avoid stating facts unless you can back them up with credible sources. If your post is full of such facts, put a References section at the bottom and link to other posts for reference. This kind of effort shows that you’ve spent quality time on polishing your post, which people really like. Mention names of blogging greats who’ve expressed similar opinions for greater authority feel.

  7. Points Of Interest: Depending on what kind of post you’re writing, spice it up with pictures, graphs and images. Insert case studies and examples when you’re broaching technical subjects. These points of interest help the reader get a better grasp of what you’re trying to communicate. Plus, images break up the text flow, making the reading experience less intense for the reader.

  8. Humor And Anecdotes: Try to inject some personal stories or anecdotes into serious topics to make them more interesting. You can inject a sense of humor too, but in a respectful manner. It doesn’t do to get too lighthearted when you are blogging about business, so inject only as much humor as your niche affords you to.

  9. First Person Voice: You’re writing for actual people, not robots, so there’s no need to come across all staccato. Write in the first person, and refer to the reader as ‘you’ and not ‘the reader’. Make your reader’s positive reaction your main goal and reach out to each reader through your voice.

  10. A Call To Action: At the end of a compelling post, include a call to action. A call to action helps to motivate your readers to take action, when they’re still absorbed in your post and blog. Your CTA can be anything – sign up for your email newsletter, or share your post through social media and so on.