Space technology can be considered as the technology that is related to the ground systems and space. These space technologies are used by the scientists to study the universe and give a number of solutions to the users on the ground. If we have a look at the advances made in the twentieth century, we will find that hundreds of satellites are launched till date into the space to provide different kinds of services to the people. We have achieved a lot by inventing numerous things like – space crafts, orbiting telescopes that map into the galaxy, space ships and rockets and many other inventions.

Below is the list of some of the astonishing space technologies of the world that are exploring the nature of the space.

Cassini Huygens Probetitan-landing-saturn-moon-huygens-descent

The Cassini Huygens spacecraft is a joint venture of ESA and NASA, and the studies of which suggest that the largest moon of Saturn i.e. Titan can have a thick atmosphere with deep and huge oceans under a shell of ice. This probe arrives at Saturn in 2004 and found that Titan has the atmosphere similar to the earth. Scientists are still gathering information from Cassini and trying to provide as much as data on Saturn.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was launched into the space by NASA in 2005, and is currently orbiting he Mars planet. The main purpose of launching this orbiter into the space is studying about the history of water on Mars. According to NASA, the hidden camera in the orbiter is capable of capturing the images of the three Martin Rovers. The MRO helped the scientists in known the facts about the weather and water history of the planet. This MRO also snapped a picture of the Martian Avalanche.

Hubble Space Telescope


The Hubble telescope was launched into the orbit in 1990 and is considered as one of the greatest inventions in the field of astrophysics. This telescope is powered by sunlight and was updated in the 21st century. It is equipped with a number of cameras and instruments that are capable of capturing the images of deep space. This telescope helped the scientists in discovering the dark energy, figuring the indentity of Quasar and also gave an exact date of the origin of the universe. Nearly, 10,000 papers were written by considering the data gathered by Hubble telescope.

Kepler spacecraft


Kepler spacecraft was launched into the galaxy with the purpose of observing more than 1,50,000 stars in the milky way. It was positioned on the constellation Cygnus and helps in grasping the planets that are orbiting the stars. This spacecraft solved many puzzles like – identifying the mass, radius and planet-star proximity. Based on the figures given by Kepler’s telescope, nearly 44 percent of the stars are having planets revolving around them.

WISE and Neo WISE Probe


According to the two missions conducted by WISE, life can be considered as a probe. One mission conducted a deep survey of galaxy on human life, whereas the other mission discovered a lot of things like dwarf stars, stellar nurseries etc. Both these missions were followed up by another mission called Neo WISe, which surveyed the solar system and volume of space near the Earth for comets and asteroids. The Near Earth Objects are termed as NEO, which needs to be mapped so that the dangers that lie ahead of earth can be known.




Curiosity is also known as the Mars Science Laboratory and is the most powerful robot that was launched into the Martian regolith. Curiosity was launched to Mars in 2012, and is one of the powerful robots with a great set of instruments and advanced tools. It was invented to know the facts about the existence of life on Mars. Its instruments are designed in such a way that it can easily give all the information and data related to the life on Mars. It is also capable of knowing whether any life exists on Mars till date or not.

Spirit and Opportunity Rovers



In June and July 2003, two robot rovers named Spirit and Opportunity were launched to Mars by NASA. The goal of these robot rovers is to collect data about the Mars planet. In the previous expeditions, scientists received much information on Mars, but scientists felt that the data collected is not enough study about the Mars planet. These two rovers are expected to last on Mars for 90 Martian days, but they stayed for more than 1000 Martian days. The mission of these twin robot rovers is to study the geographic conditions like – rocks, soils and weather closely and send the images to Earth. These two robots sent thousands of images of the Martian surface to the Earth in both gray scale as well as color scale.

SELENE Lunar orbiter


SELENE is a lunar satellite and was launched into space in 2007 by Japanese space program JAXA. This satellite was nicknamed as Kaguya and was launched with the purpose of studying the magnetic field and geological facts about the Moon. This satellite provided the scientists with precise maps of the lunar surface and produced a number of astonishing videos. Whenever there is a major change on the surface of the Moon, scientists can rely on the map.

Falcon 9 Rocket by SpaceX


The Falcon 9 Rocket by Space X did not represent a great step in terms of technology, but brought a revolutionary change interms of practicality of the commercial spacecraft industry. It is the first space vessel that is privately owned and is invented to help the craft meet the international space station at rendezvous. It prefifures a century where the commercial space crafts became reality and turned the solar system into an advanced version.

International Space Station


The International Space Station has begun its mission in the year 2000, where the new millennium and the new century with the first orbital space home ground was designed for long-term goal. The ISS in today’s century hosted dozens of missions by allowing scientists to conduct hundreds of practical experiments in the orbit of the Earth. The ISS has proved that humans can live in space for months and helped the scientists to learn about the physical and psychological effects of space life.