Small boobs have also problems when it comes to bra shopping. It has own unique set of challenges that can be overcome with suggestions from experts. If women with small boobs find the best bra for them, it can help them to reshape the boobs, enhance the figure, and most importantly, it gives volume to the chest.

Facing problems with your small boobs? Here the bra hacks from professionals that you can follow on your daily activities:

Assess the fit of the loosest hook

Ensure that your chosen lingerie fits correctly; the band should be of the loosest hook. Over time, the bra stretches and wearing it on the loosest hook will be able to make it work on your way.

Shop online

If you are on A cup or AA cup side of the bra world, most of the branded lingerie stores do not have your band size. What you need to do is check online stores because they offer different petite bras. One great example is Kawaii lingerie, which is perfect for girls with small boobs since it is designed after Asian women.

Emphasize other assets

If your chest is not your best asset, then look for other great parts of your body such as nice waist and beautiful arms. Accentuate your better body features to minimize the style of those areas that are not good such as your chest. If you want to divert the attention from your small boobs, try wearing a fitted shirt or top that is paired with flared skirt to make your waist the focal point of your overall body appearance. Another good choice is wearing shirt with some embellishments on the sleeve, drawing the attention away from your breasts.

Choose a material that fits your small boobs

Bra material like lace can actually fit tighter compared to stretchy synthetic fabrics. If you happen to find the brand you like but the bra feels like too big, try other fabric. To compare, heavier lace will fit a little more tightly, providing more support than the thinner lace that stretched more.

Wear push-up bras

Push-up bras have been friendlier choice for small-chested women. These bras are designed to reshape the boobs. It is a great way to instantly achieve a perkier and bigger cup size, giving volume to the cleavage. When wearing a push-up bra, push the breasts closer together and move them up. If you wear this bra, it will also likely to reshape your torso and giving rounder cleavage. One great example is Sofyee’s cute bras that have great designs to choose from.

Consider wearing sports bra

Small boobs are not bad at all. In fact, small-chested women can do sports and without worrying the bouncing boobs. When working out, even when you have small chest, you still needs boob support. Wearing sports bra will help in avoiding the decrease in the elasticity and sagging of the skin on the chest area.

Try inserting silicone

If you are about to attend a special event, try silicone inserts or popularly known as “cutlets” for a quick and easy of upsizing your bra cup. Moreover, you can use these “cutlets” for your daily bras and swimsuits.

Wear bras with side boning

Bras with boning on the side definitely aids in adding structure and shape. It helps anchoring the bra to the body properly. It helps in pushing the boobs to the center of the chest, providing a great support and nice silhouette. Overall, boning can give women with small breasts an ample shape and pretty chest structure.

Make an attempt on boob contouring

If you are not comfortable wearing push-up bra of lace bra, try boob contouring. Simply use a brush with bronzer, a darker shade than your natural skin color, and then apply it to the top of your boobs and between them. Also, blend some shimmer on the rounds to highlight the boobs.

Consider demi-cup bras

These bra styles are great choice for small-chested women as they are comfortable to wear. Also, they help in giving a great cleavage shape even if you have small boobs.

*All images are courtesy of Sofyee Inc.


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