Human beings are the most gifted living beings on earth. They have been gifted with immense intelligence and the most dynamic body structure. They can accomplish incredible tasks like space travel where as other creatures of the animal planet are only confined to eating and sleeping.

But human life in the fast paced modern world has become highly competitive, complex and stressful. You can’t change everything and run away from everything. But you must make the most of the life that you have got. If the pressures of life start to dictate the way you live, then you are a loser. Having a sound knowledge of healthy living is extremely essential which includes these 2 principles:-

#1: Accept your limitations and be happy with them

Every person in this world is not gifted with all the qualities and capabilities. Every person cannot perform every task. A person might be good at one thing, average at another and poor in the third. Every person cannot be intelligent, tall, good looking, rich and good. There are some shortcomings which we can overcome and some we can’t. So making comparisons with your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors is not going to be of any help.

Our problems start, when we fail to accept our limitations. Failing to accept your limitations can lead to arousal of vile emotions like anger, greed, jealousy and envy. These emotions take logic out of your thinking and make you do and say insane things. This can also lead to stress and worry which is extremely detrimental for your health.

Be happy with what has been granted to you by nature and tell those who make fun of you that the great military conqueror, Napoleon was a short man and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was a plain looking woman. Happiness and satisfaction bring positivity to life. Remember a positive person always stands a chance of improving himself.

#2: Bad luck is bad luck; accept it

Something are just not destined to happen. Everyone goes through unfortunate experiences some time or the other. We work hard and sweat our blood and aspire for big things. But at the eleventh hour things go wrong and we are denied of the rightful credit. The unexpected climax leaves us too stunned to react. In such cases some people suffer from anxiety, frustration and anger. All these emotions could be detrimental for your health.