Surrounded by all this technology we all desire for our homes to be more advanced and tech-savvy.  Having a smart home today means that you can have a device that can take care of most of your home appliance needs and settings. From your lighting to the music, and even your crock pot, everything can be controlled from your mobile phone.

Numerous companies like Home Depot have an entire ecosystem of products that can let you control your home from an android or iOs app. Our evolving technology has given us the ease to pick and choose all the gadgets that we like and put them together in an intelligent and affordable way or to just install a complete smart home system that does everything.

These are the best smart home systems and individual gadgets of the year that include smart appliances, lights, and even robots. Most of these devices will be compatible with Alexa, making it all the more prominent.

  1. The smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Nest Protect Smoke + CO2 alarm is a 2-in1 device that connects to your home Smoke and CO2 detectors with your phone, which will alert you in case the alarm goes off. It’s an amazing addition to your smart home set.
  2. The smart home lock: It’s smaller than your regular smart lock and if you prefer a more traditional home key system, it would not be a problem as the SmartCode 916 works with it. It has an additional 2 random digit security before entering your code to help against password guessing by the smudge your fingerprint left on your lock screen. Along with an alarm in case somebody tried to break-in. It’s capable of connecting to other smart home hubs. It’s a great device for a more secure home.
  3. The smart Thermostat: Ecobee has a feature that makes it a favorite over the others. Which is to make all the rooms at the same temperature that you want. And it does that by placing sensors in each room and the thermostat will keep warming or cooling the room until the sensor gets to the right temperature. It has a beautiful interface and a mobile app that works with many smart home devices such as Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon Echo.
  4. The smart security camera: Dropcam costs $199 and it shoots in 1080p, it’s easy to setup with its magnetic base, 2-way audio, powerful digital zoom and a night vision. The cool thing about this camera is not only can it connect to your smart home technology of choice but with an extra paid subscription, you get the ability to connect it to the cloud and for storage. The subscription will cost $10 a month. But that will make sure your data is safe.
  5. Goodyear’s spherical tire: It might seem that Goodyear’s new spherical rubber tire has nothing to do with the tire from the future. But it’s something that is very interesting and it’s worth mentioning as we always argue against reinventing the wheel. But this one actually makes sense. Goodyear’s new spherical tire will be a game changer in the industry with all the smart autonomous self-driving cars. These spherical wheels are smart and connected and can adapt their shape to the road situations by communicating road conditions through sensors inside of them. It will be placed without axles but by magnetic levitation which will translate into smooth driving over potholes. And these mind-bending tires will last longer as they have more surface and will rotate intelligently in case your tire had a problem in a certain spot!