Technology has improved the motorcycle experience in a lot of ways, and the advances in the past few years have been astounding. From safety to the comfort of the ride, there isn’t an area that hasn’t been improved for the rider. Without further ado, here are four invaluable tech advances for motorcycles and riders.

Satellite Messengers

Getting out on the open road is one of the best parts of a motorcycle ride, and sometimes the longer the open road, the better. You can ride out to where it’s quiet and there is no one around, but there’s no cell phone reception out there either.

Global positioning satellite (GPS) is always convenient, but this gadget has proven itself invaluable for motorcyclists time and again. The Spot Satellite Messenger is a lifesaver when it comes to being in the backwoods and having no way to use your cell phone. Via Bluetooth and your smartphone, this device will allow you to do everyday activities like updating your status on Facebook, emailing or even texting. If you’re lost, you can send your location (GPS) to whomever you need to send it. You can’t use it as a phone, but it comes in handy for everything else, too. The device is available select retailers and online at SPOT.

Helmet Communication Systems

A helmet is arguably the most important part of a motorcyclist’s ride, and Bluetooth motorcycle helmet technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds.

Sena has come up with a stereo headset and intercom (the SMH-5) that you can use hands free by pairing it with your smartphone. Using voice command, you can navigate using GPS, and have up to eight hours of two-way conversations with another rider or a passenger. It will work for up to 430 yards in open country. You can also listen to music. All of it is done wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

That’s the small version. The more advanced system is the Sena SMH-10R. You can do all the things that you can do with the SMH-5 headset and intercom, but it has a number of other top-quality features. Using digital signal processing technology, you will have the best sound quality available for both incoming and outgoing audio, and the system has an integrated audio booster as well.

The headset is slim, compact, and lightweight, making it easier for anyone to ride. The intercom will work for up to 980 yards. You can talk to four people at once and have Bluetooth pairing with dual smartphones. Speed dialing and voice command navigation are nice features, and you can share music. It is hands-free and waterproof. An excellent communication system for open road motorcycling. Both systems are available at BikeBandit.

iPod Remotes

If you have audio playlists on your iPod and want to hear those instead of random songs, you can do that with the Scosche iPod Remote. This handy audio system uses wireless technology to use any iPod with a dock connector. Just fasten the remote’s holder using a hook and loop strap to someplace like your handlebars and you can do all the things you do with your iPod, like adjusting the volume or shuffling playlists. Using the remote while wearing gloves is easy. And you can control your iPod from up to a 100 feet away. The Scosche iPod Remote can be purchased online at Amazon.