If you have already fallen victim to the United States‘ healthcare policy, or if you already have some kind of serious or infectious disease- then you are already probably, most likely, familiar with the outrageous and seemingly over the top prices that are associated with most- if not all- prescription drugs. The overall and total cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed over the last decade because of higher costs for health insurance, lawsuits involving health insurance claims, as well as more and more people eventually straying away from everything that health insurance has to offer in the first place.

In fact, one of the places in which people especially feel the pinch of healthcare costs has to do with the cost of prescription medications- which, over the years, has become increasingly out of control, to the point where most low income individuals have no idea how it has even come to be. Now, prescription drugs are an actual mega force in the economy. Now, it is tough to even turn on a t.v. set without seeing some kind of advertisement for a medication or prescription drug of some kind. These days, it is not only a ubiquitous part of daily life, but also- perhaps- a necessity of daily life. I the very end, we are talking about billions upon billions of dollars which switch hands between patients, doctors and the middle mean and retailers/ marketers, which sell them the drugs and medications in the first place.

Elaprase by Shire Pharmaceuticals


This medication is expensive because of the rarity of the illness it treats, In essence, the Elaprase capsule and medication by Shire Pharmaceuticals treats a really rare hyperbolic disease known as Hunter’s Symptom, which is widely unknown across the entire country- which is why the medication is so darned expensive in the first place.

Folotyn by Allos Therapeutics


This company has pretty much laid down the map for the treatment of such rare diseases like lymphoma, which is a form of a highly dangerous and deadly cancer, which is especially susceptible to being spread very quickly throughout the body. It is one of those diseases that you realize is not that bad until it is as bad as it can get, and this drug at least delays that from happening right away. The only downside is that this medication usually costs about $30,000 a month on average, which obviously, most people can not pay on their own- not to mention that many health insurance policies will also not cover such health claims, no matter what proof the patient may have,

Myozyme by Genzyme

This drug is used primarily to treat the ultra rare disease known as Pompe Disease. Obviously, the odds of contracting this disease are very,k very rare, but if you do, you should prepare yourself to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 a year on drugs to fight the disease and infection, or to at least keep it at bay for the time being.