Were you just injured at work? You should really get it looked at right away, even if the injury seems minor. There are a number of reasons to do this, and we’ll go over the most important ones below.

Minor Injuries Can Indicate Safety Risks

Even minor workplace injuries can be warning signs of more serious safety risks that have not been properly addressed. If you are an employee, it’s your responsibility to tell your manager or other relevant parties about the injury you sustained so they can examine the situation and make necessary changes. This can prevent others from getting seriously hurt down the road.

If you are a manager, carefully analyze the circumstances surrounding your injury and perhaps make reasonable changes to ensure it cannot happen again. Perhaps your equipment needs to be updated or perhaps your employees have gotten lax about following safety procedures. As a manager, you also need to provide a good example for your employees and should always follow existing procedure.

The Injury Might Be Worse Than It Appears

An injury that seems minor might in fact not be so minor, or have lasting implications. A good example is a shoulder strain – it can easily worsen into requiring surgery or even resulting in permanent disability. Even a minor bump on the leg can turn into something serious. Never take chances with your health.

The sooner a doctor sees your injury, the less likely that injury is going to cause lasting damage or be exacerbated into something worse. If the injury warrants a trip to the emergency room, go there, but if it’s a non-emergency be sure to follow the proper rules and procedures set down by your company, state and company’s insurance provider.

Your Workers’ Comp Claim Might Be At Risk

While state law varies, if you don’t immediately inform your supervisor about an injury sustained at work or seek medical attention to document the injury, you might not be able to file a workers’ compensation claim afterward. Your claim might be denied. Even if your claim still goes through, the costs can significantly rise the longer you wait to report the injury. If you think you might need to file a workers’ compensation claim, definitely consult with a professional personal injury lawyer about the situation.

Any workplace injury, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, needs to be reported. Doing so can potentially save your company and yourself a lot of hassle and money. If you end up having to make a workers’ compensation claim, your case will be strengthened by your quick and decisive action.