The world of social media has been dominated by the behemoth known as Facebook for a long time now. Before Facebook, there was MySpace, but that fizzled out fairly quickly when all was said and done. MySpace is still around today, but it does not have the cache that it once had and is filled with hundreds of thousands of profile pages that have probably not been touched in 5 years or so, or whenever Facebook came along to take away all its users. But, many new start-ups and other companies have begun to see chinks in the Facebook armor, and have thus decided to try their hand at social media site management and do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace.

This seems like a lofty goal, but some young upstarts are very interested in achieving this goal- especially since Mark Zuckerberg and co. have shown that there is a whole lot of money to be made in the social media business, if you play your cards right and have a good product to give to people. There may be some familiar names on the list, but you may be surprised on what competitors are looking to take a bite out of Facebook’s social media market share.


Pinterest Logo

This site, which has mockingly been called ‘fantasy football for girls,’ is a site in which people can share some of their favorite likes and interests with other people. Rather than being focused on status updates and text related things, pinterest focuses on images and links to information. This social media site is nothing like Facebook, but it does have its own niche that has attracted many users of the last year- some of which are also Facebook users. It is not likely that Pinterest would destroy Facebook, but it is a nice companion to Facebook that could garner a loyal following of its own in due time.

Altly or AnyBeat


This site is still in the works, but it is shaping up to be the newest and most anticipated Facebook alternative yet. The site is going to be created by a former MySpace employee, who also co-owned Veoh– which was a one-time very popular video site similar to YouTube. The main reason why these people want to create a Facebook alternative is because they think they can draw away some of Facebook’s users with privacy controls that are easier to change and easier to understand. The main backers behind Altly have said that Facebook’s privacy controls are intentionally confusing and are alienating many of its users.



This site is the latest Facebook competitor made by Microsoft. Microsoft has not been very successful in any of its attempts to take on Facebook’s social media monster, but it has not stopped it from trying (the same goes for Google, as well.) The funniest thing about this experiment is that you actually use your Facebook log-in to use the so.cl social media site.