The kind of food that you eat and the diet plan that you follow plays a pivotal role when it comes to deciding your weight and your overall health. The hectic and busy lifestyles that majority of us follow hardly leaves us with any time to work-out. In such a situation the least we can do to remain fit and to watch our weight is to follow healthy eating habits. Following is a list of four awesome Android apps that will help you monitor what you eat and assist you in making healthier food choices.

Diet Assistant

Having trouble maintaining a steady diet? Need some help to lose weight? Well, why not let Diet Assistant take over? Diet Assistant is a superb app that allows its users to put in their current weight and set up a target weight. Based on this, Diet Assistant will do the needful by recommending a special diet you along with meal options personalized according to your tastes. Even if you’re a vegetarian, the app will suggest you an appropriate meal plan. The app also includes other diet categories such as low GI, high protein, healthy, pescatarian, and so on. All these meal plans are not only amazingly healthy, but are also tasty! Furthermore, the app also gives you access to a dedicated shopping list for specific diet plans, and also features a built-in BMI calculator, a diet monitoring chart, as well as a nifty discussion forum where you can discuss ideas and dieting tips with other users. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or simply embrace healthy habits, look no further than this ultimate assistant!


If you’re scouting for a nifty app to accompany you along to the supermarket, you might want to look up Fooducate on your Google Play Store. As the name suggests, Fooducate is a fantastic app that is basically designed to educate you and give you access to nutritional information about the food items that pick up while shopping. The app features a health grade from A to F, which is essentially an algorithm developed by professionals in the field such as nutritionists and dieticians. Every food item that you pick up at the store is then graded on this scale from A to F with the help of a barcode scanner, with the app listing out all nutritional attributes of that food item. This makes it easy for users to weigh the pros and cons of each item they pick up, and look for healthier replacements if needed. Overall, this is a great app that helps you modify your eating habits and make healthier food choices while you’re out and about grocery shopping.

My Fitness Pal


Tired of guessing the amount of calories you’re consuming each day? Wish you had a tool that could help you keep a tab on your calorie intake? If yes, My Fitness Pal is what you need! My Fitness Pal is an extraordinary app that gives you an ideal way to watch out for your daily intake of fats, carbohydrates, calories, as well as proteins. Everything that you eat or drink can be recorded – thanks to the app’s impressive database of over two million foods that it can count calories for. The app’s food entry is not only amazingly fast and simple, but it also remembers your favorites so that you can add and save multiple foods at once! What’s more, the app even features hundreds of useful exercises including cardio and strength training that you can try out, and even connect with friends and exercise together over its social platform.

My Diet Coach


Yes, maintaining your diet or following a strict workout regime can be a tough job, and this is exactly why you should be downloading My Diet Coach right away onto your Android device! If you’re watching your weight, My Diet Coach is a fantastic app that will give you all the encouragement and motivation that you need to reach your desired weight loss goal. The app will do what it can to keep you focused on your goal by motivating you and helping you resist food cravings, exercise lethargy, emotional eating, and other such obstacles in your path. The app does this with the help of motivational arguments, tracking challenges, giving you virtual reward, guidelines, motivational images, notifications, quality reminders, and so on. Why go and burn in a hole in your pocket by visiting a dietician when you can have your personal diet coach in your pocket?