iPhones have been incredibly popular for years now, and every updated generation seems to release more features the public begins to rely on for daily tasks. Even though there are millions of iPhone users in the United States, and even more around the world, a lot of people are clueless about the cool features and tricks it has to offer its faithful customers. Here are four cool and useful things you can do with your iPhone you probably were unaware of.

The iPhone Can Be Unlocked

You can be get your iPhone unlocked just like other brands. The advantage to getting it unlocked is being able to use it with different carriers, which means the bills can drastically change in your favor. The best service available to have this done is probably www.unlockphone.com. The technicians are able to unlock the phone without physically damaging it or messing with the software, which keeps the warranty intact.

You Can Become Siri’s Teacher

There are many times when Siri says something, and it is the wrong pronunciation, but there is a way for you to correct the function’s pronunciation. If a word gets mispronounced, then tell Siri the word was pronounced incorrectly. You will then be given alternatives, and you will be able to select the right one and teach Siri.

Control the Scrubbing Rate of Audio or Video

Your iPhone will give you a message about adjusting the scrubbing rate if you are moving the play head back and forth on a song or video. When the message about adjusting the scrubbing rate comes up, then move your finger downwards to scrub.

The iPhone can Read You Your Texts

Here are the directions to turn on speak selection:

  • Open Settings app
  • Choose General
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Turn on Speak Selection

The menu for Speak Selection has a variety of accents, like British, Australian, German and many more. If you want your texts or any text read to you by your chosen accent, then highlight the block of text, and you just tap the Speak button when the menu pops up, or you can tap the right arrow and select Speak.

Some people may know one or two of those on the list, but there had to have been some surprises. Hopefully, those four things will be both useful and entertaining. It truly is a treasure trove of technology and features.