Small business owners are in a tough world. It’s difficult to get a lot of credit for expansion, managing employees can be difficult, and you are trying to balance life and work responsibilities.

As a result, if you are able to get any extra free time at all (which, really, isn’t that what we all want?) you are probably trying to spend it with your family. As we all know, time is money, and family is where we want to spend our “money“.

So, here is a list of the best four software programs on the market right now that will save you time and money so that hopefully you can get more time to do the things that you love.


If you don’t already have it, Quickbooks is the number one bookkeeping software on the market. It doesn’t require hardly any accounting knowledge, and almost anyone should be able to operate Quickbooks effectively.

Basically, Quickbooks allows you to categorize your business transactions and incomes into distinct sectors so that you can know exactly what money is coming in and going out, as well as why that money is coming in and going out.

Furthermore, this software proves to be invaluable when it comes time for tax season, as you can do a good job keeping track of distributions versus W-2 tax payments throughout the year so that you won’t have to pay extra in taxes come April.

Recently, Quickbooks also launched an online portal called QBO (Quickbooks Online) so that you can upload your books to the cloud and access them from anywhere.

Redtail CRM

If you are in the business of keeping clients for professional transactions (think dentist, orthodontist, lawyer, etc.), then a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is one of the best programs you can invest in.

It allows you to keep track of all of your client’s personal information, notes about your interactions with them, keep track of potential opportunities for those clients, and perform other functions.

Often, this software is used for mom-and-pop, boutique-style wealth management firms, but it can serve quite a wide variety of functions when it comes to building client relationships and maintaining business-client promises over time. Consider investing in a relationship manager that suits your particular business needs.


ContractERP is the supply management software of the future for construction management companies. This building materials software handles accounting, inventory tracking, transfer completion, and a wide variety of functions that would be absolutely critical to any construction company.

It also allows for employee interaction so that your workers can attempt to solve problems they have on their own without having to ask for your help, which, again, will serve to free up more of your time.


As Inc.com reports, Zenefits can be one of the most productive HR software programs that any small business can employ. It can help you manage payroll, benefit programs, onboard tracking, and can even interface with contractors.

In this manner, Zenefits effectively reduces any potential interactions that you will have to make with paying your employees once it is setup and configured. It will run automatically, and it reduces the opportunity for human error, which will prove to be invaluable to most small business owners.

As you are searching for programs that will free up your time and help you save money, hopefully the four programs listed above will be able to help your small business function more effectively.

If the above software did not scratch your itch, consider looking at PC World’s list for alternative open-source softwares that aim to help small businesses.