Are you a travel buff? Like anything and everything to do with motor vehicles, especially cars? Love killing time by watching funny videos on the web? If yes, a laptop, a good internet connection, and YouTube are all you need! Whether you’re into sports, cars, music, entertainment, food, or be it any topic you fancy, YouTube is home to videos on an exhaustive range of content. Listed below are 4 such must-subscribe to YouTube channels that deserve your attention.

Top Gear – for car junkies


If you’re a hardcore car enthusiast, or even if you have no interest in cars whatsoever, Top Gear is essential viewing. A popular British Television show hosted by the famous car-eccentric trio comprising of Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear is all about motor vehicles, mainly cars. With more than 350 million viewers across the globe, this epic show is a perfect mix of cars, humor, exotic journeys, and plenty of fun! Constantly poking funny jibes at each other, Top Gear is known for the quirky and controversial style adopted by the hosts, and of course, the priceless chemistry shared by the trio. From driving across four states of America in second-hand American cars, to traveling across India in British-built vehicles, to driving across the Bolivian rain-forest, to driving across Iraq and Bethlehem, and even to the magnetic North Pole, these guys have done it all. Packed with races, insane challenges, car testing, and tons of factual information on your favorite cars, Top Gear is hands down essential viewing.

Sonia’s Travels – for avid globe trotters


A show hosted by the stunning Sonia Gil, Sonia’s Travels is a unique one of its kind online travel show. Rather than discovering and talking about the conventional aspects of a new place, Sonia focuses on taking in the overall feel of the place and discovering interesting aspects, and in the process, she tries to unlock a “secret code” of the places she visits. Rather than talking about the usual stuff like famous landmarks, must-visit restaurants, monuments, hotels, and so on, Sonia’s show is more about the feel and the attitude of the place, the culture, the people, the language, and so on. Via her show, she tries to tap the traveler’s desire to connect with the culture and the people of that place, which is the ultimate way to learn about a new place. Topped with Sonai’s humor, passion, and curiosity, Sonia’s Travels is indeed a must-watch for all travel enthusiasts out there.

NigaHiga – for a double dose of laughter


If you’re having a rather dull day and if you think you could do with some comedy to brighten up your mood, hit up NigaHiga on YouTube and say goodbye to bad mood! NigaHiga is an incredible comedy channel that features on YouTube and majority of the videos are made by the witty and awesomely entertaining Ryan Higa. A Japanese-American originally from Hawaii, Higa first started off by uploading videos of him and his friends lip-syncing to their favorite songs, and other crazy stuff like skits and comic videos. Some of Higa’s popular shows include how-to guides like How To Be Emo, How To Be a Gangster, and parodies like Daily Life of Rustin Hieber. Be it his witty and sharp monologue style, his funny takes on random situations, his goofy sketches, or even his singing, Ryan Higa is definitely one popular comedian with over 5 million subscribers to his channel. Now, 5 million people can’t go wrong, can they?

BeFit – for fitness buffs


If you’re into fitness, and if you’re looking for some nifty fitness channels to look up on YouTube, you might want to look up BeFit before you go to any other channel. Boasting of over 37 million views attested to it, BeFit is hands down one of the best fitness channels out there. Packed with a useful collection of sample infomercials and exercise videos, BeFit also features some high-caliber professional trainers like Jilian Michaels, Denise Austin, and Jane Fonda. Amongst other things fitness, BeFit also offers dance fitness sessions, fat burn cardio sessions, motivating strength-building sessions, Pilates, and more. Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds by grooving to dance moves, or even if you want to try out Pilates or some fast-paced cardio exercises, BeFit is the ultimate destination on YouTube for fitness enthusiasts.