In times past, people wasted unfathomable amounts of time traveling to business meetings, participating in them and following up after them. Technology hasn’t completely eliminated wasted time during every step of this process; however, technology is definitely reducing the amount of waste and making meetings much more productive. Let’s take a look at four of the exhilarating ways technology is revolutionizing business meetings right now.

1. New Apps Enhance Note-Taking and Other Business Meeting Tasks

Perhaps you remember the days when you used to carry a pen and a paper notebook with you to your business meetings. If so, you probably also remember how there were times weeks or months after a meeting when you needed to refresh your memory on an item from the meeting agenda, but it required frantic searches through hundreds of pages and perhaps even several different notebooks.

Several new apps for business meetings eliminate those stresses by allowing you to take searchable notes on your tablet or laptop. They also provide other helpful functionalities.

2. Digital Signage Software Facilitates the User Experience When Booking or Finding Business Meetings

Have you ever had a hard time locating the right conference room or meeting venue? Ever been late to a meeting because you were in the wrong place at the right time? If so, you’ll appreciate the new Add-On digital signage software that is revolutionizing the way people book meetings and manage meeting directories.

3. Teleconferencing Offers a Lifelike Experience for Virtual Business Meetings

Teleconferencing technologies are providing an excellent alternative to face-to-face business meetings. The must-know buzzword for this type of technology is “telepresence“. It’s been about a decade since telepresence systems became viable. Since then, companies have saved billions of dollars in travel expenses, and executives have saved millions of hours that would otherwise have been wasted in transit aboard airplanes, shuttles and taxicabs.

4. Webinars Allow Meetings That Would Be Impractical Otherwise

Webinar software is becoming ubiquitous. Numerous companies are utilizing this technology to facilitate meetings that would be difficult or impossible otherwise. Big media companies are using it to connect and update their freelance writing staff who are scattered about in locations all over the globe. Bloggers are using it to communicate with each other and their readers. Educators are using it to host classes that would have been much more complex and expensive to plan in times past.

These are four of the exhilarating ways that technology is revolutionizing business meetings right now. If your company hasn’t implemented these technologies yet, it would be a smart move for your team to analyze whether implementation could save time or reduce your business meeting costs.