All business premises, regardless of their size, contain valuable equipment and crucial information. As a business owner, therefore, you need to take necessary measures to safeguard your property and its contents. Recently, there has been an upsurge in the crime levels in businesses, which occur in the form of vandalism, robbery, cyber-crimes and internal frauds. Here are some of the strategies you can implement to reinforce security in your business:

Install an Elaborate Alarm System

A security alarm system is a must-have for all business premises. In most businesses, equipment is left on site overnight, on weekends and public holidays. It is therefore prudent to install an intruder alarm that will notify you and your security team of any unauthorized access. If you have an outdated alarm system, consider upgrading to the modern models that are more efficient and are synchronized with mobile devices for quick responses.

Upgrade Your Surveillance System

With the continued advancement in technology, business owners are ditching analog surveillance systems in favor of digital video surveillance. Digital systems are easy to install, cost-effective and user-friendly. The digital cameras have high-definition clarity and offer a wide range of viewing angles, thus enabling you to have a clear view of all the happenings in your premises, whether good or bad. These clear images can be used to prosecute suspects in the unfortunate event of theft or vandalism. Most vendors allow for customization of the monitoring systems to suit your specific need as well as your budget. Furthermore, these modern surveillance systems allow remote monitoring through portable gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. You can log in wherever you are at any time and view live streams.

Staff Training and Sensitization

Engage an expert to carry out a thorough assessment of any possible risks. Direct your employees to implement the recommendations suggested by the expert and draw up an implementation plan to ensure full execution. Hold regular training sessions to sensitize staff on how to detect suspicious behaviors of those who enter the premises and how to raise an alarm without causing panic or disruptions. Additionally, be careful when giving security codes and access to keys and vet new staff thoroughly before hiring them to eliminate any chances of employee theft. You may even want to invest in employee authentication software, such as that available at LISNR, INC.

Prevent Information Theft

Exercise access controls on computers to protect sensitive data such clients’ records and staff details. Install firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your IT systems from external threats such as cyber-crimes. Frequently review the list of the staff with privileged access rights and change passwords often. Additionally, encourage your employees to shred sensitive paper waste instead of throwing it in the waste bin and install lockable filing cabinets and drawers to store confidential information.

Security of your premises, cash, and equipment is paramount in business. Make sure you have ample measures in place to protect yourself, your employees, the facility, equipment, valuables, and information.