In today’s business world where knowledge is readily available, the marketing terrain for businesses has drastically changed. For you to effectively spread information about your products and services, attract, engage and retain customers, you need to incorporate these changes in your pitching strategies. Failure to adopt these changes puts your business at risk of losing market to competitors or being wiped out altogether. The various software can be used together with your conventional marketing campaigns like ads, customer care and Infor support for businesses. The following are some of the leading marketing software that you can employee to effectively pitch your marketing in the current digital era:


Marketo is one of the largest and well-established marketing programs that you can choose from. Being one of the biggest with well-established systems, it is easy to initiate and manage marketing campaigns. The software is equipped with everything that you may need to generate and manage leads, automating inbound marketing, social media, marketing, analytics and sales management dashboards.

It is a multifunctional platform through which you can access a variety of marketing functions and options. Some of its features include tracking of website visitors, landing pages and forms, search, marketing, mobile and web personalization and campaign management and email marketing


This is one of the leading marketing software that is based in the cloud and can help you attract and retain customers by connecting them to your business using social media tools. Vocus offers you a comprehensive package of tools that help you to integrate your business with email marketing and social media marketing, plus effective PR.


HubSpot has a very powerful and effective inbound marketing as a personalized and more effective option to the traditional and age-old marketing methods which sometimes tend to harass customers. The company has developed several marketing apps that include tools for social media, blogging, management of leads and analytics of marketing. You can use HubSpot to manage content, monitor landing pages and leads and get marketing experience using real-time data.


This is an email platform that you can use to initiate and track your email campaigns hence allowing you to close more deals. The software mainly deals with tracking of emails that have been opened and read; offers email analytics plus data on use management. The software works seamlessly with CRMs like Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and Dynamics. This highly saves times and increases efficiency.

Depending on the nature of your businesses, the software you settle for should be able to offer a package of functions that bests addresses the interest of your business. The software should offer a variety of functions while being cost effective and integrating well into your business.