If you want to create great shooting apps that shooters will not only find useful but also unable to do without, there are some ingredients that you will need in order to do so. Apart from doing research on websites like shooting.org, you will need to take into account the following.

Your app should solve a problem

Any proposition that you want target at a group of people should have this key philosophy in mind. Your shooting app should gear towards solving a problem that shooters have. The most successful solutions to problems have found solutions because there was a need that needed solving. Who better than a marksman or shooter would be able to solve the problems or needs that shooters have right? You may not even need to know how to code or program. The best initial step is probably to compile a list of needs or problems that shooters have and then compile a list of possible solutions.

Once you have your list compiled, you could then find a programmer that you can work with to help you design the app.

Find a good team to avoid tunnel vision.

You will need at least one other person to compliment your skills in order to come up with a great app that you can successfully bring to the market.

You will need someone with a productive, different point of view to brainstorm with in order to come up with ideas that will actually satisfy a need in your target market. Preferably, your partner or partners should have a stake in the project so that they are motivated for its success in the same way as you.

Your app should preferably be a paradigm shift from other apps.

The idea is if you can over deliver on the value that you give to your potential app users, they will not have a choice but to use your app.

This does not necessarily mean packing in too many features into one app. It could mean that where other apps probably over-charge for a feature that is important to shooters, you could charge less or find a way to give the feature for free.

It is a radical thought but it works.

Communicate your unique value proposition

Once you have taken into account the first three ideas, this one should be easy. You need to be able to communicate what your app does in ten words or less. Ensure that the story behind the app is a compelling one that will make other shooters identify with what the app is supposed to do. Remember that this description will do the work of selling the app to people who are looking for a solution to their specific problems.

Ensure that you have taken into account these factors in your design philosophy and you will surely be on the path to building the best shooting app and a sustainable and successful business.