There’s no magic bullet when you decide to launch a marketing campaign for your business. However, a few good marketing ideas that are well implemented have the potential to propel your business to new heights. Marketing, when done right, is meant to connect your businesses’ value to your targeted customer base.

Below is a list of 4 strategies we’ve compiled bound to trigger a marketing opportunity you can use for any business.


Getting your business ranked on Google is a powerful technique that can boost your brand’s visibility. The results are even more striking if you run a local business whose target market mostly comprises of locals.

When a user initiates a search on Google, for example, the topmost result is usually a paid ad followed by at least three special listings, and finally the organic search results. If you can get your business ranked in the top three listings, you will channel boatloads of qualified leads your way without spending money on paid ads.

Getting your business listing ranked higher is not as hard as you might imagine. You simply have to optimize your profile and collect citations for your business. Your Google+ profile, Google reviews, Google maps profile, and Google analytics data are also integrated into your Google My Business listing.

Combining accessible business information with a solid search engine optimization strategy can go along. This means making sure your business is affiliated with the types of searches people commonly make. For instance, a credit repair company will likely want to optimize for anything from “credit repair” to “Lexington credit repair review” and everything between. Having vague and specific keyword optimization makes your business even more visible online.

Cold Calling

Experts recommend a blend of online and offline marketing strategies to boost your brand’s chances of success. Offline techniques, like cold calling, are a good way of supplementing your online efforts and make your marketing campaign more robust.

Cold calling is a personalized way of reaching out to interested buyers in your niche market. Unlike sending out impersonal emails, phone calls require instant feedback from the recipient. Depending on the response you get, this can be a double-edged sword.

Before reaching out to potential customers, it’s important to have a clear reason why you’re doing so and to take into consideration the recipient’s time zone. You can also use cold calls to reach out to potential marketing partners for collaborative strategies that involve webinars or content marketing.

Customer reviews

Your success story as a business owner is well narrated by satisfied customers. 70 % of potential customers rely on online reviews before committing to a purchase. If you share the real time experience of buyers on your website, clients will get a sense of how well you deliver on your brand’s promises.

Customers value credibility, efficiency, and a brand that provides solutions to their problems. Therefore, always encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences online including social media platforms.

These reviews build trust in your brand and prospects can get a better understanding of how your product or service works. Lexington law reviews is a good example of how to effectively use customer reviews for a thriving business.


This is one of the most powerful online marketing tools but one that’s poorly used. A webinar involves the broadcasting of live video feed to potential customers in the form of presentations and product demonstrations. Webinars play an important role in lead generation and work well when integrated into your email marketing campaign.

The content marketing manager at ON24, Carole Snitzer, advises business owners to think of every webinar as an opportunity to craft an immersive and engaging multimedia experience. You can spice up the look and feel of your webinar by doing the following:

  • Including creative slides and videos.
  • Using polls or incorporating different forms of feedback from viewers.
  • Using screen share to share your screen with the audience when doing a live demonstration.
  • Using 2-way audio to control who can be heard during the webinar.

With proper execution, the business marketing strategies above have worked for other businesses and will work for you too. Your marketing campaign acts as the foundation for creating your brand’s awareness and generating continued interest. So, an ideal marketing strategy is not what a business does after it has achieved exponential growth, but what a small business does to achieve that growth in the first place.


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