If you are into cabins, then you must know a thing or two about their style and design and you have probably observed your neighbor build one. They are ideal refuges out in nature and present an ideal opportunity for the entire family to spend a weekend outdoors, boating or playing games, depending on the cabin’s location. However, constructing a cabin is not that simple as it may appear at first, as you need to have an exact floor plan like for an urban house. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you had knowledge about other cabins to “borrow” from their design. We present you with the design of 4 cabins located across the globe that have an innovative design that (prospective) cabin owners can learn a lot from.

4 Inspiring Cabins Around the World 1

South Africa: An open-air design

We were all adventurous as children and decided to build a tree house. However, due to the lack of funds and interest, we probably only build the platform and didn’t erect the walls. Well, such a primitive design is exactly what South African cabins look like. These cabins might not be positioned high in the canopy (after all you’re building a cabin, not a tree house), but they are slightly elevated from the ground. This requires the foundations to be exceptionally strong so they could withstand the weight of the structure and the occupants inside, as well as the gale strong winds that blow here during winter time.
One reason the elevation is there is to keep the predators off, because African wild is nothing like European or American, as the wildlife is still thriving there. This is a good thing, as the walls of such a cabin can be made from glass, so you can observe a prancing zebra from the comfort of your bed. Basically, a stay at one of these open-air cabins constitutes a proper safari that you need not leave the sheets to embark on.

Australia: A campsite design

Australians have always been down to earth and so are their cabins, literally. There is no elevation, as the cabins are bolted directly into the ground and they expand outwards. Sitting there in the wild, they resemble little alien pods that open on all four sides. This is because families like to use them as mobile home wherever they travel to, whether it is for pleasure or prospecting. All that open space means that the winds can pick up in strength, so the roof needs to be particularly well-constructed and more importantly, well-maintained. That is why reliable roofing repairs in Sydney are important because many of these cabins can be found in and around metropolitan areas in New South Wales. You don’t just want an amazing cabin; you want it to last for decades, so your grandchildren can use it. The secret to the longevity of cabins is maintenance that starts from the top (roof) down.

Tanzania: A floating cabin

We go back to Africa, but this time to its coastline. Well, not that much the ground but the water where floating cabins of Tanzania sit, or better to say float. They are a tourist attraction that ensures that the hospitality business thrives in this East African country where Serengeti National Park is located. The marine cabins float freely but they are not rafts, as they have a firm grounding in the form or an anchor. This is an important feature because the last thing the local hoteliers want is for their guests to drift out to open sea after a strong storm. Once you know you are safe, you can sunbathe on top of the cabin and sip a cocktail.

4 Inspiring Cabins Around the World 2

Norway: The Aurora cabin

Having traveled through three hot destinations, we arrive at our final cabin that is located at the north of the European continent. Norway is a country that has a strong economy but its tourism industry has been somewhat neglected. No need to worry, as you can use this to your advantage and book a holiday in the Northern Lights Village where you can pick up the design of a one of a kind cottage. They are specially designed for watching Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, from the comfort of your bed. This means that they have several large window panes that act both as a sidewall and the roof. This design allows for a lot of daylight to enter the cottage, which is more than welcome in this part of the world which does not get a lot of sunshine throughout the year. The cabins in the settlement in question are luxuriously equipped with hairdryers, unlimited Wi-Fi and even a mini-bar; all this in the frozen wilderness of Norway.

The 4 cabins listed here all have a design that has been altered to facilitate a certain need, whether it be buoyancy or animal watching. However, their unique design features can be applied across the globe and in all environments by cabin builders bold enough to try something different.