New businesses depend on IT solutions to drive growth, innovation and most importantly, profits. Therefore, following the four IT tips below will help to ensure the success of your new business.

Embrace Mobile Technology

Business owners must realize that the Internet is shifting to a mobile platform where users shop, communicate and engage companies through their smart phones. Even if a new business is just starting, the business owner should consider planning how to expand and offer their products or services through mobile technology. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that lack financial resources. There are free and low cost software programs that actually allow business owners to design their own mobile app for their company.

Utilize Social Media

All new businesses should at least look into establishing a presence on popular social media networks, which are quickly becoming one of the best ways to engage customers and raise brand awareness. The good news is that most social media sites are very business friendly and offer excellent support and solutions. For example, Facebook offers business owners a step-by-step guide of how to create a business page. They teach users how to build an audience, create posts and have interactive conversations with customers.

Invest in Internet Security Programs

The Internet allows new business owners to reach customers around the world. However, it also allows a world of hackers and cyber-criminals to potentially attack the company’s network and website. Keep in mind that most petty cyber-criminals want to steal confidential information, such as bank account numbers and identifying data, to sell on the online black market.

Therefore, small business should make sure that their sensitive data is stored and protected by industry standard security programs. Bear in mind that it is not a good idea to share or transfer sensitive files and business data online. However, there are web-based programs available that offer encrypted file sharing.

Call a Professional

Small business owners do not need to hire a full-time IT technician for their company. However, they can take advantage of IT services in Ottawa and elsewhere for certain business processes on a case-by-case basis. For example, they could request expert advice for a single problematic IT headache, or they could call in an IT consultant to set up their network or database. IT consultants are available on a periodic, weekly and monthly basis. In addition to this, new businesses can also outsource specific projects, such as website design or internet marketing, to an independent IT professional.

In the end, new business owners can improve their internal IT cost and operational efficiency through embracing mobile technology, social media and security programs.