Computer and Information Technology industries can be expected to bring in between $62,500 and $102,190 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For those who market themselves well, the sky is the limit as these figures are just averages. Marketing yourself as an IT specialist ensures that you are always in demand, but to do this, you must first position yourself as an authority in your field.

Social Networks

Social networking provides a simple and effective way to communicate with large groups of people. If you don’t yet have a website with your resume, past employment and specialties, you’re missing a crucial aspect of career promotion. Start a blog and write articles that are specific to your field. Potential employers will visit your website and may recruit you based on your social following and expertise. If you land just one job because of your website, you’ve more than made up for the initial investment required to start a website.

Business Cards

It seems like a no-brainer, but you should be carrying extra business cards with you everywhere. When you take a class, meet a new employer or strike up a conversation with a colleague, you need to have a quick and easy way for others to get in contact with you. The business card should be simple, professional and provide your website, phone number, and email address. Don’t clutter the card with unnecessary pictures and ornate graphics. Your business card is an extension of your own personal brand, and you need to carefully consider what information you place on your card.

Get Advanced Training

It’s more important than ever to have at least a master’s degree to get the best paying IT jobs. The New Jersey Institute of Technology, notes that professionals need advanced practical skill and knowledge to compete in the IT industry. Become a leader in your field, and get the paperwork to back up your experience to immediately increase your marketability. If you have already started your career, an online computer science master’s degree can be a great way to do your current job while advancing your career prospects.

Make Yourself Replaceable

If you secure an entry-level position, look for every possible opportunity to show that you’re capable of much more. Many IT professionals concentrate solely on their job description and do such a good job that their employer never considers them for a promotion. To make yourself promotable, you must do your current job with perfect precision while talking shop with senior IT professionals. Showing your superiors that you are knowledgeable beyond your current position provides you with leverage when it comes time for a performance review. The goal is to make yourself a vital employee so that a less experienced individual can take your job while you move up the ladder.

Ultimately, your career is going to depend on your personal experience, motivation and desire to succeed. Taking steps to promote yourself, develop advanced skills and increase your level of education goes a long way toward making you a prime choice in the eyes of recruiters.