Building your company’s image is half the battle of becoming a trusted business inside your industry of expertise. After working so hard to obtain this status, many businesses do irreparable damage to their reputation in the blink of an eye.

You can damage your company’s reputation far more quickly and easily than it ever took to build it. For this reason, it is important to know some of the major blunders companies are involved in that are real business-reputation destroyers. Here are a few such blunders you will want to avoid allowing your company to make.

A Decline in Product Quality

It happens all the time. A company gets a large customer base that loves their products. Instead of keeping up with the momentum created by making their loyal customers happy, they cut corners and start pumping out a string of lower quality products. Before they know it, their customers who were once loyal are now leaving in droves looking for a competitor who can provide the quality products they came to expect. Once this happens, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain consumer trust in such a company.

B2B Disputes

Your company might be a major provider for a given industry: a business that other businesses come to rely on in a fundamental way. Unfortunately, if your company deals harshly with another business in your industry, this may start people talking about how unprofessional your business is in how it deals with other businesses it works with on a regular basis.

To prevent this from happening, it is often best to have a business attorney step in to handle problems between your business and the other businesses that it has relationships with in your industry. Often an attorney has the influence and ability to operate in ways a business cannot to get the ball rolling in the right direction without all the typical hassle and bad feelings that could damage your company’s reputation.

Watch out for Scandal

It is possible that your company will become a high-profile business in its industry. Unfortunately, scandals and bad press often go hand-in-hand when it comes to high profile companies. No matter how juicy the scandal happens to be, the public will want to know all the gory details, and the media is only too happy to crucify your company in the court of public opinion. By avoiding scandals, you will not be left with the reputation-killing problems that some businesses never overcome in their industry.

Negative Comments Online

You may not realize it yet, but according to the BBC, negative comments popping up online about your company could be wrecking your reputation in your industry. In the digital age, anyone can say anything negative about your company they want online, and you may never know who is giving your company a bad name.

One of the major blunders some companies make is that they try to attack the nay-sayers making these comments. This approach, more often than not, only makes the situation worse. To avoid this type of activity ruining your reputation and business, it helps to hire a company dedicated to the task of ensuring your company’s reputation is secure online.

Professionals who know how to deal with negative comments about your company and obscure unsightly blemishes on your company’s reputation will be helpful in bringing your company’s name back into a good light in your industry.

When you start a business, you rarely think of how important your business’s reputation is in your industry until something goes drastically wrong. It is not until you have to dig your company’s way out of a situation where its reputation has been damaged that you realize just how impacting a bad reputation can be on your company’s standing in the industry in which you operate.

Whether it is a client data breach or a problem with a product, everyone is looking for the flaws with your company to talk about. The less opportunity you give the media and the public to engage in such a negative outcry, the better it will be for your company’s name overall.