There are a lot of trends when it comes to e-commerce website design like advanced filtering, dynamic product search, 360-degree product previews, and animation that almost every website has. But what a lot of people fail to understand is that every website should be unique in its own way, regarding your brand. Trends are okay, but they mostly just make your site look good, which is not nearly enough.  If you’re looking for best possible user experience and conversion rates, you’ll have to go beyond the trends. That means including some particular elements that will make sure your site will attract online shoppers and remain relevant in the vast sea of competition. Today online shopping is possibly the largest market and e-commerce websites are fighting to the last customer out there. Your biggest weapon in this raging battle is your website, and we’ve put together some tips that will help you prevail.

1. Everybody’s searching for an easy way out

Just the fact that people today are shopping from their comfy armchairs is saying a lot about your modern customers. They want to get hold of things with minimum effort, so your primary task is to keep things simple. If you look at the statistics they will confirm that this is currently the most important characteristic of e-commerce website design. You need to enable your customers to find what they want without the unnecessary complexity along the way (many things can become a ‛troublesome experience’ for the lazy human specimens of today). And you need to do it fast because the time to make a sale has come down to just a few minutes and everything is suggesting that soon those minutes will turn to seconds. But employing simplicity in your web design doesn’t mean you’ll have to part with its elegance. The point is not to make your site a tabula rasa but to enrich it with comparison capabilities, filters, and shopping categories. Don’t forget FAQ section and customer reviews, and make sure they’re easy to find.

2. Would you like to try it, sir?

With the rise of online sales, customers are no longer in a position to pick up a product and ‛thoroughly examine’ it before the purchase, but they still want to do it. They had to be satisfied with a photo with a price tag and a few bullet points, but they are becoming more demanding every day. You need to provide them with the experience of holding the product in their own hands like in the old pre-internet days, and that means they need to be able to see the product from multiple angles and in different environments. So you’ll need a bunch of photos and they need to be a high resolution because every customer will want to zoom in and ‛feel the material’. Just keep an eye on the loading time – we’ve already proven that patience is not a virtue of a modern man. The video might also be a good idea, but maybe customers will have more ‛control’ zooming and scrolling about the images.

3. Anytime, anywhere

Okay, not every customer shops from their armchair. But they don’t have the time to go to the store, either. Today the rhythm of life has become so fast that multitasking can be considered as the eleventh commandment. SEO Sydney Experts have recognized the potential of mobile optimization quite a while ago, and we strongly suggest you follow their example. In these modern times when ‛walk and talk’ has turned into ‛walk and shop’ your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to stay in business. Otherwise, you need to be prepared to suffer the SEO consequences (Google said so). All your content must be adaptable to any advice in order to provide the best possible user-friendly experience. And the fact that every third online purchase is done via smartphone tells us about the nature of that experience.

4. Dictate their wishes and turn them into a race

We’ve seen that modern customer want everything served on a plate, so it’s not a big surprise that they will easily allow someone else to dictate their wishes. The holy trinity of ‛shop, save and share’ enables you to present your products as something they’re dreaming of.  And all you need to do is to provide them with an option to bookmark products they want. One click and the certain item becomes their dream. Wish lists are probably the most simple way to put money in your pocket because once bookmarked, it will certainly be bought. If you combine this feature with special offers you can also decide when they’re gonna buy it. When their eyes meet the ‛special deal’ inscription it’s like they receive the information ‛spend more and keep scrolling’ directly into their brains. And, of course, every special offer has its expiration date, so they’ll have to hurry. Not to mention how much words ‛special offer’ in your keywords can improve your SEO rankings, and how much free traffic you can get when customers start sharing their wish lists with friends and family.

As you can see, all you need to do in order to attract modern online shoppers is to face the fact that we’ve become lazy and addictive species. But instead of producing some best intentional critique, your job is to help them stay that way. Keep it simple, be present in any device, and let them ‛inspect’ every tiny detail of your products without leaving their home. If you accomplish that you’ll be able to turn your products into their wildest dreams and make them purchase them right now.