Technology has evolved over the last 10-years to change how humans do everything from eating food, to communicating with friends. It’s no surprise that technology has also had a huge impact on marketing and business as well. But with things quickly changing and forever becoming more complicated and advanced, it’s difficult to keep up with the best new marketing techniques. However, here is a list of four new marketing tricks with technology you need to try.

QR Codes


You may be familiar with QR codes, or you may have just seen them and you aren’t quite sure how they work. But the truth is that QR codes draw attention from people and they are great at getting people to interact with a weird looking box that they have to scan with their phone. The potential to market with QR codes is nearly limitless. As a business, you can offer deals, discounts, promotions, information and more with one simple QR code. And the best thing is, once your customers scan that code, their information gets sent to the business and then can use the information to even further market the customer.

SMS Advertising

Considering the fact that people regularly have their cellphones and smartphones on them, mobile advertising is one of the best marketing tricks for your business or company. The best way is for business to use mobile devices to text message customers with information about their company. One great marketing technique is to offer customers a discount if they text a certain number, which companies can then add the phone number to a database of potential clients. People have their smartphones on them incessantly throughout the day, so there are few less direct ways of marketing than through mobile devices.

Opt-In Marketing

The few ideas before this can be a bit tricky and sometimes clients don’t necessarily want to be bothered with companies contacting them. However, other times customers will allow it and open a floodgate of marketing opportunities. If you are a company, you can offer an opt-in service that your customers have to actively opt-out of. Much like the rest of the techniques on this list, customers may not appreciate having to take the extra step to opt-out; but from a business perspective, it can add to your growing customer base.

Social Media

You may be thinking that social media isn’t as new of a marketing technique as some of the others on this list. And with that mindset, you are very wrong. Social media is changing every single day. With each change that sites like Facebook and Twitter make, other companies are adding new methods to add additional features that customers can use to utilize social media. It is not only important to use social media; it’s imperative to keep up with it as well. And if you don’t, you’ll quickly be swept up by the changes and left wishing you had changed with the times.

Technology can be challenging and confusing for some businesses. However, when used correctly, it can reap immense rewards and lead to quite the pleasurable benefits for a company. If you use these techniques on this list, you’ll be sure to be a trendsetter and lead the way for business with your company.