4 Office Organization Ideas for Businesses and Entrepreneurs


When you are an entrepreneur or growing your small business, you may have a lot of materials, supplies and finished products. Organizing all of these items can be a challenge, especially if you have limited floor space. Try these four time-saving and space-saving office organization tips for your business.

Build a Wall of Shelving

A wall of shelving allows you to have unfettered access to your supplies and products. Shelves can be labeled if needed. You could use metal or wood shelving. Consider making the shelving units adjustable, which will allow you to change the height of each section as you need to. This type of shelving is also a great way to display small items, such as skeins of yarn, or pieces of pottery.

Use Storage Bins

Storage bins are an excellent organizational solution for many types of supplies and products. Most are made of plastic and consist of a bin with or without a fitted lid. Storage bins, like those from Quantum Storage, make it easy to use the available vertical space. They can go on shelving units or sit on the floor. Storage bins keep dust, particles, insects and vermin out of supplies. They also protect items from moisture damage.

Setting up Rotating Displays

Standing racks that rotate are a great way to organize books, informational papers and pamphlets. You may also wish to use these rotating displays for holding completed products such as necklaces, strings of beads, key chains or pairs of glasses. These units use the vertical space and have a small footprint.

Stacking Storage Cubes

Another idea to organize your materials, supplies and finished products is to use stacking storage cubes. These cubes are open to the front and have sides, a bottom and a top. The can be placed against a wall to create a back for the cubes. This type of a unit is ideal for storing books, shoes and fabrics. Storage cubes could be a part of a display, with the top horizontal surface used to showcase new items or inspirational items for future projects.

Each of these ideas gives you a way to make the most of the space that you already have. Taking advantage of vertical space and protecting your materials and products from sunlight, moisture and dust will help to reduce your operating costs. You will be able to find what you need without having to sift through an unorganized pile. Try all of these tips or implement them one at a time to see what works.

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