Lightening your load around the office or in the field is always music to your ears. When technology emerges that removes the vapidity out of your ritual tasks, saving you loads of time and effort better spent on other endeavors, then this is technology you want to know more about. With so much new work-related tech to choose from, it may be difficult to know what will best suit your needs. To help you gain some perspective on some of the technologies poised to make your job easier, here are four pieces of business tech that are sure to peak your interest.

3-D Printing

Not enough can be said about the advantages of introducing 3D printing into the workplace. Instead of fighting with vendors and the logistics of getting parts you need where you need them, having the ability to print those parts on site is truly a wave of the now. With the relative low cost of 3D printers and the ease of obtaining materials to use in the printing process for part manufacturing on site, never has it been easier to make having the part you want when you want it at your fingertips.


If you happen to work in construction or heavy mining operations, the use of telematics could literally bring a whole new level of automation to your daily routine. With the ability to operate large machines by remote, such as using a simple joystick style interface to drive heavy machinery, the often dangerous tasks carried out by machine operators can be reduced to require less human interaction and improve safety across the board. As telematic solutions provide more integrated machine intelligence to eliminate the need for constant human supervision, this technology will undoubtedly continue to lessen the burden placed on human workers in a vast number of work-related tasks.

Your Business’s Telephone Service

When it comes to communications, the telephone service your business operates with can either be an asset or a huge liability. On one hand you need the ability to speak with customers and communicate with other workers. On the other hand, being tied to your phone all the time is not practical. Using a telephone service for your business that is feature dense, one that helps you monitor and handle calls more efficiently, is certainly an important aspect to reducing your stress and difficulty in your daily routine at work. Some companies, like ACN reviews, know that using a telephone service that offers you the services of a virtual secretary, for example, can certainly reduce your need to constantly babysit the phones. With so many low cost options today, it is also okay to get these features and services at a reduced price, so be sure to shop around.

Mobile Apps

If you pause to think about it, a lot of things you do around the office can be made easier by taking advantage of mobile apps. Because the mobile trend is building momentum, even dealing with customers of your business is becoming a highly mobile-oriented process. Whether you need an app to alert you to real-time updated changes in your schedule or an app to help you locate customers by their address while you are on the road, new apps are constantly being introduced that help to simplify virtually any business-related task imaginable.

Business-related technologies that help you do your tasks at work more efficiently have become something of a modern trend in their own right. Doing things in the field or in the office the old fashioned way are both cost prohibitive and basically not much fun. With technology paving the way to the future, now is the time to take advantage of the latest business tech to make your life easier at work.