Financial websites are in no short supply currently. There are all sorts of sites that are devoted to financial matters. Do you want a website that advices you on how to invest smartly? You will find a whole lot of them. The same is the case if you are looking for a site where you can learn more about saving and financial planning. What would this world do without internet technology really? It allows you to learn a whole lot of things effortlessly, right from the comfort of your home.

Design trends for financial websites

One thing that you will notice when you check out financial websites is that they are very different in terms of design. There is no way a financial blog is going to look like a fashion blog. Websites devoted to finances change rarely. Nonetheless they are changing. There are several trends that can be noticed in the development of these websites. They include:

Responsive sites

When you try to load a financial site, you might have to wait for a couple of minutes for it to completely settle down, especially on the mobile devices. Now companies are waking up to the realization of how important website responsiveness is. People are using mobile devices more than desktop computers to access the internet. It is not a surprise that these companies are devoting their web design endeavors to creating mobile responsive sites now.

Scrolling pages

The advent of long-form pages that require an abundance of scrolling with less of clicking has become such a trend now. This type of web design is accompanied by another trend of telling stories through content. This is really good. People want to get financial help and they should get a plentiful amount of it. So when someone comes to read about debt review and bankruptcy matters, they should not be limited to a small paragraph with little detail.


This is not exactly a new trend. It has been happening since time immemorial. There are some colors that you will just have to learn to avoid when it comes to financial websites. Most of the websites are fond of blue and other dark colors. The sites are not as colorful as the fashion blogs and other websites. You want people to take you seriously and for this reason you will be very careful about the colors you are using in the design.

Minimalism and supersize typography

Minimalist designing has become such a hot trend in web design. The design of the website is stripped down to the most basic elements that are needed for the design to function. Couple this with large sized typography and you will have an impressive effect. People tend to feel like you know what you are saying when the content is large in size.

These are the four main design trends in web design of financial websites. If you are planning to create one of such site now, you should take into consideration these features.