We all use YouTube. It is the biggest video streaming site with a massive database of videos. If you are unable to find a video anywhere else on the internet, you are sure to find it on YouTube.

It feels great to have instant access to unlimited free videos. Whether you are on the phone, laptop, tablet, or using any other internet enabled device, you can access YouTube effortlessly. This is what makes it such a famous streaming website.

There is, however, an issue. You cannot download YouTube videos.

There is no built-in feature. You can, though, use a third-party tool to download videos. Perhaps the best YouTube video downloader is none other than the Easy YouTube Video Downloader. It is free, works like a charm, and comes with tons of features.

Why use a YouTube video downloader

So why on earth you need to download YouTube videos? Why just don’t watch them online?

Downloaded offline videos make your life easier in several ways.

Save time

The Easy YouTube Video Downloader saves time. In fact, it saves a lot of time.

You don’t have to wait for the whole video to stream before you can start watching it. You can download the video and watch it once it is downloaded, and meantime, you can do something more important.

You can download multiple videos simultaneously from this tiny browser plugin which is not possible with online streaming. The videos are downloaded almost instantly.

What’s better than saving time in today’s busy world?


Watch videos offline

How about watching YouTube videos offline?

How about downloading a bunch of videos for later use, maybe watch your favorite videos while traveling.

Just think of the uses of having a video downloaded to your phone or computer, and you can watch it anywhere without any internet connection. This makes it a must-have tool.

High quality video and audio downloads

Are you sick of watching those low quality videos on your favorite YouTube channel?

Time to make use of the Easy YouTube Video Downloader that lets you download videos in high quality. You can choose from a wide range of video qualities including HD, HQ, and many others when downloading a video.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader also offers you the choice to grab videos offline in 256kbps high-clarity MP3 format for use in your music-system, car or computer. Just one-click and you have the audio-only version of your favorite Youtube video.

You can enjoy unlimited, high-quality audio and videos offline from YouTube using this utility.

Multiple uses

Videos are used everywhere ranging from presentations to webinars to events to forums to classrooms. You just name it. You cannot trust the internet every time, especially when your personal reputation is at risk.

Downloading the video for offline use seems to be a wiser idea. You don’t have to struggle anymore with slow internet connections at such crucial moments. The Easy YouTube Video Downloader will do the work.


A YouTube video downloader is sure to make your life easier and fun. The best thing it brings with it is the peace of mind. You can watch videos painlessly without getting frustrated for poor bandwidth and low streaming speed.

It is time to boost YouTube with the Easy YouTube Video Downloader, install it from here https://www.yourvideofile.org/download.html.