Entrepreneurs and owners of new businesses have a lot to worry about as they take on the challenge of a new enterprise. There are concerns about funding as well as about the potential success of the company, but there is something else that should be on the minds of all business owners as they start their new endeavors: enterprise security.

The 21st century has thus far been very challenging for business owners in terms of security. Managers and executives should be mindful of the risky business climate they face these days, particularly with regard to the following issues:

Insider Threats

Our world is being shaped by information leaks. From Edward Snowden and the NSA global surveillance apparatus and from Wikileaks to the Trump administration, data and information leaks can threaten the fabric of any organization. Business owners who are hiring new staff members should carefully look into their backgrounds and determine if they may become hacktivists who wish to leak information to support idealism.

Cyber Threats

According to a white paper published by internet security giant McAfee, malicious hacking and data breach incidents are causing great economic losses around the world. One problem in this regard is that new business owners tend to give information security a low priority on their agenda. One of the best approaches in this regard is to connect with a provider of IT services. This is especially important for businesses thriving in the developed world. For example, for every North American business from Los Angeles to Ottawa, IT support is definitely needed due to how much invested in technology our world has become. This is something that should be done before the business even starts operating so that they can get the necessary advice about proper hardware configuration, network structure and security to ensure that their company is safe from threats and succeeds.

Physical Security

Companies that operate as brick-and-mortar businesses that welcome clients and customers should invest in physical security systems and personnel. Hiring uniformed security personnel will make customers feel more comfortable. Surveillance cameras and alarm systems are reasonably priced these days, and they can help business owners in terms of lowering the premiums on their liability insurance premiums.

Potential Health Hazards

Depending on the nature of the company, business operations may pose a risk to employees, customers and the public. Unforeseeable health-related incidents can be covered by means of liability insurance policies, but there may be additional concerns if the company handles hazardous materials or if employees are exposed to physical risks such as falls, hygiene, flammable materials, and potential injuries. Business security consultants can be retained to lower all potential risks prior to starting operations.

In the end, business owners should make security a priority long before their first day of operations. Covering all bases before the inauguration of the company can go a long way in ensuring the viability of the business.