The world of independent game development can be difficult, especially when you’re working on your earliest products. Beginning game developers may feel overwhelmed at first with all of the options and code styles available, and it can quickly become discouraging. Jumping in without guidance might be the norm, but that doesn’t make it the best way to make money. Do your research on where you you’re your work to take you, and consider these tips in order to start building money from your own home-developed games.

Start with Mods and Skins

The best place to start building up our income is within other games. Not only will doing so get you used to using some of the tools that top-level designers use, but you’ll be able to make money while building up your own brand. Working on paid mods and marketplace skins isn’t exactly the same as making a game, but it will help you to hone your craft and get used to the type of code you want to be working with. A lot of people online are willing to pay for custom skins for their favorite games, and fulfilling that need can earn you a lot of money fast. Selling custom skins that fit your personal vision can also attract a large crowd of players who want to customize their experience beyond what the initial game can give. Following popular themes for events or holidays can also attract a large crowd of interested buyers that will give you the money you need to advance your craft.

Build up a Following

If you want to get sales, you’ll want to start building up a following with your own games. As you get better known, you’ll start to develop more robust products. Crowdfunding sites can help get you the funds to buy the software you need. If you’re following the current best practices crowdfunding is a good place to start, as is using fan support platforms to get a regular income while you’re still building up your first major games. Once your game is ready to play, however, you can launch it on game sites, gain a larger following, and have a playable product ready for your fans to enjoy.

Sell to Developers

It’s also wise to remember that you can make money by selling off some of your work to bigger companies. Many game developers have side jobs working on various parts of other games, and your work on mods and skins can actually make you an important part of some of the games that you’ve come to know and love. Working with developers helps to not only pad out your income, but also to build up your resume. Keep a list of who accepts work from you and use them to show other developers where your experience has lead. Popular EA games are especially known for giving interest and publicity to fans who take the time to develop coding for their games.

Move from Crowdfunding to the Market

Your final step is to make the transition from crowdfunding to the market. You’ll either be using your own funds or those of investors to make a game, but you’ll no longer be putting out a product that depends on public donations. Work to ensure that your game is released on the right platforms and that you’re marketing it on social media as well as you possibly can. The more effort you put in here, the more you’ll make once your game goes on sale. Holding contests, launch parties, and other events are great ways to celebrate and promote your game being out on the open market.