Regardless what passion, hobby, or leisure pursuit that you may follow, Kickstarter is a great place to find some ingenious projects that will not only catch your interest, but will also give you some amazing innovations to look out for. Talking about interests, are you a cycling enthusiast? Is cycling your favorite weekend activity? Are you always looking out for new innovations and technologies as far as cycling and bicycle accessories are concerned? If yes, following are 4 successfully funded Kickstarter projects that you need to know about.

Afghan Cycles

afgan-cyclesIf you’re a cycling fan in the truest sense, this is one terrific project that will inspire you. The bicycle is commonly used as a symbol for change and freedom, where the wheels in motion depict self-powered movement, pedaling a revolution. With the Women’s National Cycling Team beginning to take shape in Afghanistan, this symbolization of the cycle can’t get any truer. Women don’t ride bikes in Afghanistan and cycling is considered as a taboo. Afghan Cycles is basically a short 15-20 minute film that revolves around the lives of 12 brave women who dare to ride on the Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan. The film follows these women on their practice sessions as they ride through the back roads and highways outside Kabul. It also documents their lives when they’re not riding – their lifestyle, home life, and their role as a women in a male dominated country. For all you know, with these brave women, the cycle just might prove to be a vehicle of change for the women of Afghanistan.

ONDA Cycle

onda-cycleBeing a bicycle aficionado, you’ve sure come across tons of awesome modified and customized versions of bikes, skateboards, go-karts, and what-have-you. However, something that you’ve never seen before is the ONDA cycle. One of the most unusual bicycles you can ever set your eyes on, the ONDA cycle is indeed a beast of wonder. Invented by teenager Tyler Hadzicki, the ONDA bike which resembles a tricycle with three wheels and two pedals, is one of the most daring bikes you’ll ever ride. The front wheel and the handle bar enable regular biking, whereas the two smaller back swivel wheels and a rear handle enable spins, precise steering, and drifting. Even the bike’s style quotient is impressive with a comfortable leatherette seat, a 16 inch tire, motorcycle inspired forks for strength, steel lubing, and a 3:1 gearing ratio for speed! Whether you fancy spinning, gliding, drifting, or speeding, this stunning beast is definitely something you would want to own.

Performance Bamboo Sunglasses by Grein Optics

Performance Bamboo Sunglasses by Grein OpticsLooking for an extraordinary pair of shades that not only look amazingly stylish, but also rock hard at sports? If yes, look no further than the Performance Bamboo Sunglasses by Grein Optics. Be it cycling, skateboarding, surfing, climbing, or even golfing, these incredible sunglasses rock just about any sport, taking your style to a different level altogether. The glasses are tailored ergonomically and are exceptionally comfortable. Grein Optics are made of lightweight bamboo, with incomparable design and quality. Apart from the striking looks, the frame has the same technology and features as plastic and metal frames. What’s more, the glasses have TAC lens that give HD and contain less impurities as compared to poly-carb lenses, making the lens clearer and more scratch resistant. So if you’re up for something eco-friendly, stylish, and perfect for cycling, the answer is Bamboo Sunglasses by Grein Optics.

 The Siva Cycle Atom – Powering your life one pedal at a time

Fancy charging your phone, lights, and removable battery pack while you cycle? Sure, the Siva Cycle Atom can do that for you. This fantastic invention, referred to as ‘The Atom’ is basically a lightweight and highly efficient bicycle generator that is designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB. The Atom mounts effortlessly on most standard bicycle frames in a matter of minutes, and as you pedal away, it harnesses the kinetic energy generated, either directly charging your device or storing energy in the detachable battery pack, powering your devices on the go. Whether you’re an urban biker, a commuter cyclist, a weekend rider, a gadget lover, or even a go-green enthusiast, the Atom is the ultimate solution for on-the-go charging.