Even the most experienced drivers are prone to making mistakes. It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving, you might have adopted some wrong driving habits along the way. We see drivers doing a number of wrong things that are done so frequently that we fail to realize the problem in them.  Driving is a more complex task than we believe it to be. It requires undivided attention and various things to be taken in account that we overlook. Various wrong habits are developed along the way, some benign and some life threatening. Here are a few things you may be doing wrong while driving.

Blind spot driving

Having blind spots when driving or driving in someone’s blind spot, both cases are an accident waiting to happen. Make sure you do not have blind spots, adjust your side mirror in a way that you don’t see your car in the side mirror, this would suggest you have no blind spots and can see the cars at the back clearly. Similarly, do not drive in someone’s blind spot, i.e. your car should not be directly behind the rear tires of someone’s car. The driver will not see you coming and might change his lane or take a sharp turn.

Focusing only at the front

If you are looking directly at what is in front of your car without focusing on your surroundings, you will lose focus and blur out everything else on the road. You will make driving decisions based on the used Japanese car/driver in front, which could lead to an accident. You should be making decisions considering the 360 situation of your surrounding and taking in account of everything that is happening on the road, including the car at the back.

High beams instead of fog lights

Using high beams in foggy condition reduces visibility instead of increasing your visibility area. The particles in the air are reflect the light and make an effect which makes it rather harder to see. Low beam or fog lights help you make your way out of fog safely.

Using acceleration for cold engine revival

The car parts require lubrication to work smoothly. In cold temperature the oil or lubricants are harden and need to be heated before you start the car. Starting your car forcibly in cold weather does more damage to the engine since the oil is still cold.