Any material waste at your company is a loss of time and money. A waste management strategy will help to cut costs, improve the bottom line, and make everyone feel good about helping the environment. Being an eco-friendly company can also be good for marketing. A green waste management strategy also promotes a cleaner, healthier workspace. Here are some tips for reducing waste at your business.

1. Adopt minimal waste policies

Start by going paperless. Digital files, emails, and paperless billing reduce dependence on paper. When you do use paper, encourage employees to use both sides, such as in printing reports or when taking notes. Use tighter inventory control so you aren’t throwing out anything because it’s dated or over-stocked. Install smart lighting devices to reduce electrical waste, or at least restrict access to the thermostats and remind employees to turn out the lights when they leave a room. .

2. Recycle

Always shop for recycled supplies. Just some of these products include paper goods, boxes, packing materials, and toner cartridges. Ensure that your own waste materials go to a recycler. Put recycling bins around the office instead of trash bins. Post reminders for employees to separate their trash. You should also find a recycler that will handle your electronics waste. A recycling center like Ware Disposal can help you discover more ways to expand and improve your recycling campaign.

3. Use green chemicals

Start with office cleaners that are biodegradable. Environmentally safe cleaners will create a healthier environment inside the office and fewer toxins in the outside world. Other biodegradable materials introduced in recent years include plastics, plastic bags, paint, industrial coolants and lubricants, odor neutralizers, paint strippers, and more. Many smaller companies or office-based companies could eliminate toxic chemicals entirely.

4. Make it a campaign

Involve your employees in your waste production efforts and encourage them to spread the word. You could put waste reduction tips on your company website or intranet. Offer incentives to employees to come up with ideas for eliminating waste. Post your goals in waste reduction and keep track of progress. Support eco-friendly measures and waste reduction in your local community. You could also partner with an environmental organization and help to promote it.

Waste management should be a priority for your company. Eliminating waste can improve your bottom line and help to make your brand a conscientious, caring company that people will be more inclined to do business with.