Video animation is the best way to capture the attention of many. We are sure; you must have seen several animations that are a part of the social media strategy of different companies. If you compare this era to the previous era, you’ll see that the demand for video animation has increased a lot. What’s the reason behind this ongoing demand?

People crave for visual content. They are least interested in seeing the plethora of text. Some of you may be aware of the different types of videos, but not all of you know that. We are here to tell you about different video styles.

Video style particularly is taken in terms of treatment of content. Like you want a welcome video for your company. That welcome video can be made in different styles. It can be a short documentary of can be whiteboard animation or can be in the narrative form.

Undoubtedly, the style of the video adds or subtracts to the effectiveness. While choosing a specific style, you have to keep your audience interest in the count. Whatever style you choose make sure that it doesn’t hurt the effectiveness of your message. People should connect to the message else the message will lose its charm.

We want you to go for the video animation style that gels well with your message. The style that compliments your brand and fulfills the main goal.

Now let’s talk about different types of animation and their effectiveness.

Whiteboard animation

If you want to explain a difficult concept, then your choice should be a whiteboard animation. Explaining difficult concepts get easier with it. The action element in the videos brings real soul to it.

You must have seen such videos in which a hand is coming out of the frame and draws the actual elements. Not only these animations are captivating, but it retains the interest of your audience. What else can be better than going for this? Your message will get conveyed in the best way yet the audience eyeballs will get stuck to your video only.

We would recommend you to make it of 30seconds to 1 minute only. Companies use this video style when they intend to explain about their offered product or services. Or they use it when they want to tell the working of something. Those who are in the tech industry use it for explaining the working of different complex products.

All in all, you convey your message effectively and your audience doesn’t feel bored at all.

Kinetic Typography

We can bet on it, you have seen this typographic animation somewhere. No matter you know about it or not, but surely you have seen it. Kinetic typography revolves around the principle of bringing an action to your text.

Here you animate the text in the videos. Either you can make the entire video or can dedicate a small part of your video to the kinetic typography.

Not bad to say that these videos are magical. They keep your users engaged for a longer period of time. When the text is constantly moving in the video, automatically your audience gets drawn to it. What letter of words you want to animate, it is total upto you. You can go for the animation of all the words or can choose to animate a few words in the video. Bring the real fun to it by syncing your video with the perfect voiceover or background music.

If you seek to convey specific information to your target audience, like the venue, date and day of any event, we would recommend you to go for kinetic typography.

Boring statistics can be presented in a catchy way. Yeah, you guessed it right! You can add a spark to your statistics by converting it into kinetic typography. It is not easy to explain all the statistics in the form of text as the audience finds it pretty boring. In such a case do one thing, convert all the statistics in the kinetic typography. This way your message will get delivered the effectiveness yet will be there.

Cartoon Animation

Those people who don’t know anything about animation, associate cartoons with the animation. Well, we are not saying that they are thinking wrong, but yes cartoons are not the only animation.

Imagine the time when you were a kid and your day was incomplete without watching your favorite cartoon. Do you remember any cartoon from your childhood days? Or, can you think of you favorite cartoon movie? We know, there is a smile on your face right now.

See how engaging those cartoon and cartoon videos were. You don’t use to look anywhere for a second while watching your favorite cartoon movies. Cartoons haven’t lost their effectiveness. The only change is that now people have started building mascots that tell the whole story.

Mascots are the cartoon figures that become the visual representation of your brand. Cartoon videos are effective to convey the complex concepts in a fun way. Several animation companies in Karachi make cartoon videos. You can go for the one that meets your requirements best.

Cartoon videos are pretty cheap yet serve the purpose. Thinking that why are we saying that it is the cheapest option available to you? We are saying it because you don’t have to burden your pocket by hiring the actors, art directors or set dressers, neither you have to pay for the venue.

Here, you have to use your sane mind. First look at the nature of your message & your brand’s personality then decides whether you should go for cartoon videos or not. Cartoon videos are perfect for shorter length videos. Whenever you have a complex message and you want to add a fun element to it, go for it.

Infographic animation

Infographics don’t need any introduction, we reckon. But yes many of you must haven’t heard of the infographics animation. It comes to rescue you when you intend to bring fun to the number-heavy video content.

With infographics animation, it gets pretty easier to convey the numerical data. You retain the interest of the audience, and with the help of visuals, it gets easier to understand the complex numerical data.

The bottom line

We discussed about four types of animation and their effectiveness. Now, it is all upto you which one you want to go with. First, see the nature of your message, have a look at your brand’s personality and then decide.

If you are one of those who hasn’t ever considered making animation a part of their social media strategy, then we would advise you to do it now. All of your marketing strategies are incomplete without the real soul of animation.