As technology has evolved, so has customer service. We’ve gone from in store and phone support to email and even social media help for customers. Live chat support is the latest customer support trend and has emerged out as a highly effective platform for entertaining customer’s problems. Live chat has become a unique selling proposition for many businesses as it helps them stand out from the competition, increase customer satisfaction level and generate more revenue for the business. In addition to all this, live chat can benefit a lot more to the business, if it has all the necessary features.

Let’s have a look at a list of things you should look for, in a live chat software.

Dynamic Platform:

The business and technological trends are ever-evolving. Adopting new ways of doing things with improved technological features has become a need for all businesses. The core idea is to keep up with the business requirements. Therefore, an ideal live chat software such as Cugic is the one which can be customized in a way that it can adapt to the changing situations. For example, it is better to opt for a live chat software that offers a cut and paste method to integrate code into multiple pages of the website. The live chat software should also allow you to transform the chat buttons, themes, customer facing interface and more customizable features. Such a solution helps your business to keep up with the latest trends in the market.

Proactive Chat

A proactive chat feature, lets your live chat agent reach out to online visitors and offer proactive assistance, push conversions, and help drive online sales while also increasing engagement. Hence, this is a valuable feature that sends out chat invitations, precisely, at a point when a customer gets stuck in the middle of the purchasing process and has been on the business’s website for a few minutes. A live chat software with proactive chat feature enables you to provide help from a person in real time.

Tracking and analysis

This is another very essential feature you should look out for when choosing the right live chat software for your company. It is important that you keep a check of your website performance. And that is exactly what live chat software with analytics and reporting tools does for you. With these features, you get to know about the total amount of time spent by your website visitor on each chat, which pages were visited most often, overall activity of your agents monitoring, chat history and a lot more.


As the trend is changing, and more and more people are accessing internet through their mobile devices, it has become imperative to optimize your website, blog and now live chat feature for the same. Optimizing live chat feature, helps your customers to reach out to you from any device, anywhere and anytime. It assures easy integration with mobile web browsers and is compatible with almost all phone sets. Thus, when an operator is not present online, a text message can be sent to the operators as and when required.

Having relationships with your website visitors, leads, and customers is more important than you think. Therefore, choosing the right live chat software is very important for any business as it determines the level of professionalism and company’s determination to cater to customer needs and problems. These four essential features will certainly help you in deciding the best live chat support for your business.