Keeping up with advances in your industry and maintaining the day to day tasks that are part of running a successful company can be incredibly time consuming. So it’s no wonder many business so easily fall behind with regard to the latest technological advances. It’s easy to miss out on key opportunities to incorporate technology into your business or to dismiss these advances as merely fads, particularly when you’re so swamped with other things. However, ignoring the latest in technology is a mistake that can cost you quite a bit in lost customers and revenue. Read on to discover just four ways you can make your business tech savvy and maintain competition within your niche.

Hire a Tech Supervisor

While hiring for a new position might seem out of reach or too high of an investment, you may be surprised what just what an advantage this move can provide. Even contracting with an expert on a part-time or consultative basis can be a good start to ensuring you are using the most relevant technology for your business and that your staff has a firm grasp on how to utilize these tools. Hiring help can limit time spent on research and the steep learning curve that can be involved with adding new tech resources into business practice, saving you lost productivity or paid overtime hours. In addition, it’s likely that you can cut down on spending in other areas in order to finance this new position.

Offer Customers Convenience

If you don’t already have a software program in place to allow customers to view their accounts online, you’re falling behind the times. This convenience is appreciated and expected by customers so they can feel more in control of their information. The ability to make or cancel appointments online is also a huge benefit that will save customers from making a call or stopping by in person, and it can save your staff time in rescheduling or follow up calls.

Streamline Social Media

You probably already know how important social media use is when it comes to business marketing. These platforms allow you to interact with your customers in ways that create connections and provide information in efficient and meaningful ways. You probably also know that maintaining an active social media presence can be time consuming. However, there’s really no point in using the services if you don’t plan to post regularly. That’s why technological tools such as social media management software can be so useful. These programs let you schedule your postings in advance, which can be a big time saver. They also provide you with key data that let you know which times are most effective for engaging customers and just who is seeing your posts. Such insights are crucial to reaching the most customers efficiently.

Engage With Employees

Believe it or not, technology innovations can actually help you to become more personally engaged with your staff. Employees are happiest, and therefore most productive, when they feel valued and appreciated by employers. New technology like performance management software can help you to objectively note the contributions your workers are making on a regular basis. You can then use this information to provide praise, recognition or a reward for a job well done. Technological tools like videoconferencing programs can also increase employee satisfaction by allowing them flexibility and autonomy in their work schedule.

These are just four simple ways you can increase your use of technology to improve your overall business. Once you’ve implemented these steps, you’ll feel much more comfortable adding the newest resources to your toolbox to help you remain on the cutting edge of your profession.