YouTube is one of the highest traffic websites on the internet. There are many benefits to uploading videos to YouTube, by far the largest video sharing platform. People often find videos more interesting and entertaining than articles. Yet if you want to use videos for marketing purposes, you have to take certain actions. Let’s look at four ways to strengthen your brand with YouTube.

Use Videos to Get Leads

Every business needs qualified leads. Video marketing can be a powerful lead generation tool if you take the time to add the right call to action in your videos. No matter how interesting and professional your videos are, you don’t want people to just watch them and leave without leaving their contact information.

Even liking and sharing isn’t enough. What you want is to turn viewers into prospects and customers. Entice your viewers to sign up for your newsletter or webinar to get more information. At the very least you should always invite people to visit your website after watching the video.

Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines

Videos are potentially great for SEO. One reason for this is that Google owns YouTube and tends to favor videos over other types of content. Keep in mind that YouTube itself is a major search engine. At the same time, if you want your videos to rank well on both Google and YouTube, you have to take certain steps to optimize them.

Be sure to use relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. It’s often best to find long tail keywords that are easier to rank for than more competitive ones. This makes it possible to quickly get your videos on the first page of search engines.

Build a Community

One approach to video marketing is to upload your own videos that explain or pre-sell your products. This approach can be effective. However, if you really want to engage your viewers, get them involved in the process. Create a community of like-minded people and encourage them to share their own videos.

This works extremely well if you offer products or services in industries such as small business growth, self-help or fitness. By engaging viewers to participate, you can build a vibrant community around your YouTube channel. For tips and inspiration, check out YouTube channels that are successfully using this approach, such as ACN. The reviews for ACN show the power of their brand.

Use Videos on Your Website, Social Media Pages and Emails

Once you upload a video to YouTube, make sure you get more leverage out of it by also using it on your website, social media pages and email messages. Research shows that videos on a landing page improve conversions by up to 80 percent. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more views and shares. You can also embed your videos in email messages to get better responses.

One reason that videos are worth using on your website and social media pages is that they’re more mobile-friendly than text. Video is one of the best ways to reach mobile customers. Most people aren’t going to take the time to read a long article on their phone. They will, however, watch a compelling video. However, even people who reach your website using a computer will often respond better to videos than stand-alone text.

These are some of the best ways to build your brand with YouTube. Remember that video marketing requires a consistent approach. If you want to get more viewers to your YouTube channel, you have to create many quality videos to attract a growing list of customers and followers.