Throwing a company party is a great way to build loyalty and increase the sense of appreciation among employees. If the party will be serving alcohol, you will need to take a few precautions. Follow these four tips in order to keep your next company party safer for everyone who will be in attendance.

Ensure That the Food is Handled Safely

Food safety is an important aspect of your company party. Take the time to thoroughly research caterers before choosing one. The catering service that you choose should have a clean record with the local health department when it comes to food inspections. Ask if you can tour the areas where the catering service prepares and stores the food for the events they do. When it comes time for your company’s party, reiterate the importance of food safety and ensure that the servers remove sensitive foods within two hours of the foods being at room temperature. For example, any dips with eggs, meat, or cream should be thrown out after two hours of not being refrigerated.

Encourage People to Not Drive Drunk after the Party

Many company parties include a toast of champagne or even an open bar for the guests to enjoy. If this will be the case at your company’s party, empower the bartenders and servers to stop serving alcohol to anyone who is clearly inebriated. A DWI lawyer in Austin, or in other areas, knows that you could also consider a ticketing system for drinks, allowing two drinks per guest when their employee badges or paper tickets are presented to the bartender. If you allow the guests to enjoy as much as they wish, encourage them to not drive home drunk after the party. Your company or the contracted bartenders could be held liable if someone got injured going home after drinking at your event.

Offer a Free Ride Home to Your Employees and Guests

If you choose to serve alcohol at your company party, arrange for free rides home for your employees and guests. You could set up a contract for the night with the local taxi company. Another option would be to set up a private driving service and have the bills sent to your company. If you feel like splurging, you could even offer rides home in a limousine. The free rides home will help to ensure that your employees get back safely without having to worry about getting into an accident or getting a DUI. By paying for the rides home, your employees will have no excuses for getting home safely.

Make Sure the Floors and Pathways Are Clear and Level

Another potential hazard for a party is slip and fall accidents. If someone spills a drink on the floor, someone could slip and fall after stepping in it. Consider having the janitorial staff on hand in order to promptly clean up any messes. If your property needs any maintenance, make sure that it is done before the party is scheduled to take place. Fill in any potholes in the parking lot so that nobody falls in them. If the sidewalks are uneven, have the concrete replaced. Make sure that all of the exterior lights work so that people can clearly see their ways on the paths into and out of the building and around the parking lot.

Planning a great company party requires attention to detail. Your entire staff may need to get in on the planning around safety. The janitorial crew can identify potential hazards, and the human resources team can select a caterer and bartender service that has a proven track record. These tips will help you to have a fun company event while ensuring employee safety.