Don’t you just love unique, one-of-a-kind clothing? It just seems that sometimes those pieces are out of your budget. How about using your creative side and creating some unique clothing yourself?

It’s not hard to take a simple piece of clothing and turn it into something grand; neither, making money using your unwanted clothes, thanks to the concept of clothes recycling. Here are four great ways to embellish clothing to make it as individual as you are.

Stitch an Embroidery Embellishment

Embroidery Embellishment

Embellishing with embroidery is a standard of creating one-of-a-kind clothing items. It can be simple or very intricate. Depending on your skill level you can create styles that are very simple or very complicated—or something in between.

Almost any type of clothing can be embroidered—from jeans and jackets, to sweatshirts and T-shirts. Add some beads and sequins to add a sparkly dash as well.

You can find many embroidery designs at your local craft or fabric store or online. You’ll also be able to purchase the embroidery thread for the project. These embroidery patterns are usually ironed onto the garment providing a simple guide for your needle and thread. Most embroidery is done by hand; however there are sewing machines that have an embroidery setting to make the project even easier.

Apply Some Appliqués for a Fun Look


Another super easy embellishment is an appliqué. These are especially cool for jeans and other denim pieces. Iron-on appliqués usually have a heat-activated adhesive that allow you to place the appliqué on the garment and then iron. Other appliqués may require that you stitch the decoration onto the item. With either option, you can easily dress up a pair of jeans or a jacket, turning a once simple piece into a new look!

Add Some Sparkle with Sequins and Beads

Sequins and Beads

Add some sparkle and splash to your clothing by adding sequins or beads. Sew a beautiful line of beads down the outer seams of some workout pants to add a dash of excitement to your workout. Add sparkle to a plain shirt or jacket by accenting the collar with some sequins—your once nondescript item is now ready to let you shine on the dance floor. Sequins and beads are usually stitched to the garment, although a glue gun can be used as well.


Ribbons and Bows as Accents

Imagine taking a simple T-shirt and jazzing it up with some cute ribbons and bows. Easy and inexpensive, all you need to do is either attach those ribbons and bows with a glue gun, or simply hand stitch it on to your piece. You’ll be amazed at how a bow can give a new and different look to a once-plain garment. For instance, take a plain button-down blouse and add a flouncy bow using a simple strip of fabric. What was once a boring shirt is now an elegant, dressy blouse.

You don’t need expensive items to embellish clothing—just a few items, a little shopping at your best shopping sites, some imagination and you’ll soon be creating unique clothes that are sure to garner plenty of compliments.