4 Ways to Optimize and Streamline Your Business Website 1

Your business website is critical for your business because it puts your brand in the best possible light, allows customers to make seamless purchases or set up appointments, and facilitates your search engine optimization campaigns. To fully optimize your website you first need to know what’s working and what needs improvement – the only way to find that out definitively is with a website analysis.

Website Analysis

Website analysis for your business website is sometimes called web analytics. You’re literally analyzing all of the nuts-and-bolts components of your business website to determine whether each part is helping or hurting in terms of wrangling new customers. A website analysis checklist that takes a magnifying glass to things like your load times and mobile compatibility can really improve your website’s professionalism and search engine performance

Get Search Engine Optimized

Making it easier for major search engines like Google and Bing to comb through your website’s pages can in itself improve your business website. Adding an SML sitemap that allows search engines to search your site’s index can result in your website achieving page-one status on major search engines. That should translate into more customers or at the very least more leads. Google’s Keyword Planner can tell you which keywords are trending right now in your location and within your industry. Incorporate those keywords into your blog posts to get more exposure for your website.

Invest in eLearning

The benefits of eLearning are vast and could translate into a better trained staff and huge savings for your business. Some companies, such as The eLearning Guild, know that the process of e-learning is an extremely cost-efficient way to improve performance and productivity without sacrificing flexibility. Learn how to upload an e-learning module to your website and extend the benefits of e-learning to your customers. E-learning can be done from anywhere, and e-learning is estimated to be 50 percent faster than traditional classroom learning.

Have a Regular Blog Presence

Another facet of search engine optimization is having a regular blog presence that’s addressing your customers’ current and future needs. Blogging and email marketing campaigns are both components of a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy. You’re going to want to embrace inbound marketing since it’s been shown to be a much more cost-efficient alternative to traditional outbound marketing.

Summing It All Up

Taking the time to conduct a website analysis can have huge benefits for your business website. You can improve your website’s navigability through adding a XML sitemap, which has the added benefit of improving your website’s performance on search engines. A website analysis can also improve your website’s mobile compatibility for different users. A regular blogging presence that incorporates trending keywords can also put you in closer contact to leads.