Tablets can be excellent ways to make a company run more efficiently, which is why they are growing in popularity as business tools, not just fun toys. Many business owners can become more organized, save money, and save the environment all through the use of these excellent tools. If you want to integrate tablets into your business strategy, here are a few ways that will help you satisfy customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Use Tablets to Replace Paper

Aren’t you tired of carting around a heavy briefcase full of files regarding your customer’s order history? If so, you should consider a tablet and store all of your customer’s information in it for easy access. When on sales call, you’ll be able to easily access your files. Without paper files, you’ll save a tree or two. You can also reduce the number of file cabinets and storage boxes you need when you migrate to a digital format. Going paperless is extremely popular these days, so if most of your information is on your computer, you can also access it on your tablet, no matter where you are.

Use Tablets to Make Calls

Cell phone business charges can grow quickly, especially if you’re in an industry where you are constantly communicating via phone. With tablets, business owners can use VOIP to make outgoing calls for free or a nominal amount per month. This can be great for group calls, video meetings, and other communication forums. It might make more sense to pay a lower price for these outgoing calls instead of paying for a cell-phone plan for every employee.

Use Tablets to Increase Customer Convenience

You’ve likely seen on commercials and on the internet, tablets are being used in actual interactions with customers. These interactions can be helping them at the checkout using eSignature apps (which also eliminates paper), or helping them find an item in your store, or at another one of your stores in the area. Depending on what industry you are in, using a tablet when meeting with clients can be a great way to show them their options in products or services from your company. If you’re at lunch with a client, you can pull out your tablet and show them their options of products they might like, show them the features of the products, and even pull up graphs and charts to back you up and help you make the sale. Clients and customers love having something visual and tangible to help them see what they are buying.

Improve Business Productivity with Apps

Apps for tablets are easy to use and make the workforce more productive. When employees are traveling away from the office, they have opportunity during down-time to enter information gathered during a customer visit or access information that may be captured in files that are typically only stored at the office. Cloud-computing has made this possible. When businesses are more productive, they are more competitive in their respective industries. Keeping your employees up to date, and giving them the option of working when away from the office by using a tablet will allow your company to be more organized and get more done.

If you want to streamline your growing business, try to integrate these tips into daily operations. There’s a reason why tablets are growing in popularity and why so many companies use them now. If you aren’t sure about implementing tablets into the entire company yet, you can buy one or two and see how much they help you. You can always buy a few more as time goes on if you find that they are helping your business.