No matter what the current stats says, sooner or later we all will install the latest version of Windows – Windows 8. Even though it has got lots of various changes and a not very usual design (the one that looks like made for smartphones or tablets), the developers have done their best to make it as much convenient as possible. And yes, the usual programs have given away their positions to applications. And today we will present the top 4 of them that should be tried and used since the very day of the meeting with new Microsoft operating systems.


4 Windows 8 Apps To Have 1

Are you fond of movies? Do you want to watch them online without any problems and hangs?

Netflix app for Windows 8 is a free application that can be easily loaded and installed. Now it has a modified tile-based interface (by the way, that is very handy in use) that will fit the Win 8 new look perfectly. Movie streaming is much better and faster than streaming them via any web browser.

TuneIn Radio

4 Windows 8 Apps To Have 2

Movies and music go together. Always. That’s why TuneIn Radio is almost a must-have application for the users. It covers more than 14,000 radio stations only in the USA. And it is without counting for international ones. A good addition to this Windows 8 application is a possibility to listen to live podcasts and news reports to stay updated with the latest things happening in the world.


4 Windows 8 Apps To Have 3

If you like to chat, if you have accounts in all possible account of social chatters like Windows Messenger, Facebook chat Google Talk, Yahoo Chat, AIM, Jabber, ICQ or Jabber, IM+ application is a must to have. Even though some of the mentioned services are not supported now, they will be in very near future. This application is free and covers the main features of chatting services.


4 Windows 8 Apps To Have 4

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Lots of people all over the world are switching to this ways of doing their shopping. And eBay service is one of the most popular in the world. And now there is a Windows 8 application for it. The design is beautiful, the layout is understandable, and the work is fast. What else is needed to shop?

Of course, the list of applications that should be installed on your new Windows 8 desktop can’t be limited by these 4 ones. But Netflix, TuneIn, RadioIM+, eBay can make your life mush easier and to save you a great amount of time that you can spend more efficiently, enjoying a good movie or looking for a present for incoming Christmas.