Is your neighbor’s home improvement project causing you envy? That’s understandable. Whenever my neighbor does something to improve his house, I let my dog attend nature’s call on his yard. I know it’s petty, but that should teach him a lesson for making my house look bad. I’m really apologetic afterwards, making it seem like it was an accident. After the first three times I did it, I realized I could improve my house as well, instead of vexing my neighbor. However, my budget doesn’t allow me to splurge on interior decorators or contractors. It’s like the universe wants my dog to do his business on my neighbor’s lawn, but by then he was too reformed to go back to his old ways. Instead, I had to make do with DIY projects. To make up for my lack of skill with tools I had to use these YouTube channels to help me. See if they can help you too.



Who better to give you DIY advice than the people of DIYNetwork? After all it’s their bread and butter. If you don’t want to sit through hours of their programming to find the DIY project of your choice, then try their YouTube channel. It’s been around since 2006 and has a range of videos including those related to cooking. However, DIY projects continue to remain their focus. You can find projects based on your needs and season specific projects as well. Relying on a network that has close to 50 million viewers is the way to go when you have no money. Their professional expertise is what you need to make your DIY projects shine.

Ron Hazelton

Do you know Ron Hazelton? Well, he knows DIY, so you might as well get acquainted with him. He’s been in this line of work since before you were born. If you’re struggling with your DIY project then he’s your go to guy. He’s appeared on Oprah, Discovery and The History Channel, which makes him the real deal. Ron makes his tutorials simple and easy to understand, so they can actually be implemented. His skills are beyond par when it comes to woodworking. If you’re looking to build a cabinet or anything that needs deforestation, then you can learn from his vast experience. He’s hosted dozens of home improvement shows and has been an editor for Good Morning America’s home improvement segment since 1996.



Build.com is yet another reputable brand that provides DIY home improvement tips through their YouTube channel. Their videos are short and concise, sticking to the point so the viewer doesn’t get bored. If you’re looking for simple household tips then your search is over, because there’s nothing Build.com can’t teach you in less than 5 minutes. They also have commercials for their products, but these are separate videos and not part of the tutorials. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything we recommend you take a look at them. They are, at the very least, entertaining. Their smart advertising might just entice you to buy brand new hardwood flooring. You can’t create everything. Sometimes you need to spend a little money.


If you can’t afford a builder and yet you need his advice on something, then visit this channel. Tim Carter can help you with your DIY projects that are lacking a professional touch. DIY amateurs can learn a lot by watching Tim work. He also reviews products, so you know what to buy when you need to but it. Tim’s the kind of guy that makes DIY projects look easy. And indeed with his help they are. His channel AskTheBuilder.com has over 33 million views and over 35 thousand subscribers. How’s that for a man following his dream? With Tim’s help you’ll be able to tackle some of the most basic DIY tasks that were vexing you. It’s always the simple things that cause the most amount of trouble.

When your home is as good as your neighbor’s, then there’s no need for jealousy. It would actually make your neighbor jealous when he learns that you did all the work by yourself. The tables have turned indeed. Just be careful while walking on your lawn. You never know what you might step in.