Thinking about enhancing the interior decorations of your house but do not have the budget nor energy to do them? Although it might appear daunting, home improvement projects do not always involve a large investment of time and money. There are many great ways to elevate the appearance of your home which requires just a bit of effort. If you are still searching for ideas, you may want to consider these small but high impact home improvements.

Upgrade your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. It is often the deciding factor for a potential buyer to put in an offer. If you do not want to go through an arduous bathroom renovation project that will result in the bathroom being out of use for days, you can opt for small changes. Replacing worn out light fixtures and faucets can instantly make a tired looking bathroom look like new again.

The bathtub and sink may accumulate soap scum and mold over time. Make use of professional grade cleaner and diluted bleach to remove these grime and a tub refinishing kit to restore your tub and sink to their former glory. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, and it would seem like your bathroom did not age at all.

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Image courtesy ofClay Construction Inc.

Get the right window treatment 

If your curtains or blinds are looking overused, it might be time to throw them out. Stylish window treatments can immediately add design and character to your room. There is a wide variety of window treatment that you can have in your home from curtains to blinds to valances. You can utilize floor to ceiling panel curtains for a dramatic visual effect; clean line blinds for a contemporary touch or intricate valances for a majestic look. 

If you are on a budget, there are many ready-made window treatment solutions with prices that would knock your socks off. Custom made window treatments will be more expensive, but you can express your personal taste with it.

Get creative with storage space 

You do not have to hide your things inside bulky furniture and cluttered spaces. You can purchase organizers at any home improvement store and arrange your items into a neat and tidy system. They come in many different sizes and can fit into different cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and shelves. If the doors of your cupboards or wardrobes are starting to look aged, you can replace them with fabrics. Fabric doors are easy to remove and washed, making them an ideal screen to conceal your things.

Make use of wainscoting decorations 

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Wainscoting decorations are an excellent way to transform a stark and empty wall into a design feature. Made with lightweight materials, installing wainscoting panels takes almost no time at all. Furthermore, there are many styles and colors that you can choose to fit the theme of your room. Classic wainscoting is ideal for old houses with a traditional theme while modern wainscoting is perfect for contemporary homes. Light colored wainscoting will brighten up the room while dark colored wainscoting can create a cozy atmosphere.

Add fun to your outdoor space 

An appealing outdoor space not only upgrades your house, but it will also please your neighbors. If you do not have a lot of outdoor space, you can simply place a small bench on your front porch either as a chair or as an ornament. This will make a bleak looking front porch more interesting without much effort at all.

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Image courtesy of Faye Crowe Architect

Plants are an excellent way to make your outdoor space look alive and exciting. If you do not have a garden, you can add a few potted plants that do not require much care to your outdoor space.

With creative solutions, it is possible to keep your living space looking new and exciting at all time. Furthermore, you do not always have to spend an enormous amount of money or time to improve your home. The key is to make sure you have great design ideas to help you achieve fantastic results.